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Are you afraid of getting your colon cleansed?

This method of colon cleansing is amazing because it allows the client to be in control and have total privacy. You can bring someone/assitance if need help getting on the system, or if you choose to have someone holding your hand. It's painless and the ambiance is very inviting meant to relax you. Once you allow yourself to concour your fears and do it for the 1st time you will be blown away. It's nothing like the demonstration you will get from the person that has never experienced it. Ask someone that has had a colon cleanse and it's always posititve! Ask the opposite and you will be laughing and joking about it forever.

Colon Cleansing and the understanding of it comes with education/ the importance of it. The benefits of cleansing the body/colon specifically results in a never ending list of benefits. People all over the world suffer with digestive issues and live everyday lives like it's healthy. The subject of defecating is not shared at any given time unless it's a joke but yet serious. 3x a day is considered regular healthy bowel movements. When you consume food you should go. FYI

The Therapist at Touchless Colon Cleansing released pills known to be a great vitamin 2.5 years later discovering they never dissolved while in the body. Under pressure to lose weight  resulted in doing the master cleanse that consists of water, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and organic honey for 2.5 weeks and lost an amazing 22lbs. The next morning at 6:00 am in downtown Booklyn, NY a colon cleanse was performed on the Colenz device which is the same used at Touchless in Dallas, TX.  The Colon Therapist asked her if any medication was being taken at that time and NO was the answer she said " Are you sure"? She proceeds to inform her that over 50 pills were left in the system that never flushed. These pills were identified to be a vitamin that was taken 2.5 years before moving to the state of NY. They were released when she got her 1st colon cleanse.

When a colon cleansing session is over depending on physician or right to self treat specimens are collected. Pills were given to prove this testimony true to those that take meds on a dialy bases, not consuming enough water, consuming foods that create a starchy, sticky build up on the colon walls, not consuming daily fiber or just living unhealthy life styles. Food, drugs, travel and everday styles of living effect our bodies ability to digest properly.

80% of HIV/AIDS lives in the colon. Keeping your body detoxed as much as a healthy limit will allow...we say Go for it! You want to live a long, healthy life with independence. Taking care of your body becomes easy once it's a LIFESTYLE. It seems challenging or we would say it's hard when it's not a mindset. When the doctor diagnose cancer and/or other illnesses that require several medications to be consumed we start to care for oursleves and want to be healthy wondering if it's the end of time.

Do what you can starting today for you and your family! Be determined to live a little healthier everyday. Include more fruits & veggies, drink more water, include fruit smoothies for your self and the children. Include them in creating this healthy, fun meal! Include fiber they will never know :)

Contact your therpaist about natural products that taste good and easy to keep with you. Powders preferrably they are easy to mix and drink. Capsules can be added as well. We do not recommend pills but if your doctor says do it..........Do it. We do not diagnose, treat, or claim to cure.

Invest in a Private Colon Therapist for You, Your Family & Friends!!

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