Therapist Blog


Many modern workplaces are set up in the "nose to the grindstone" mode. This is done so that employees are as productive as they can possible be. Is it time to change this outdated concept? The way things are now, many employees are overtired on a constant basis. However, The way our minds (and bodies) work best is to constantly recharge them. The idea of "just being productive," is counterproductive at best and damaging at worst. If we are fully recharged, fully rested and properly stimulated then we can do almost anything! This is why sleep,meditation and constant short breaks are so important. Schools still have recess-and workplaces should all have "break" rooms where employees can recharge. Another way of thinking of this is, in order to adopt a fresh perspective on any any type of problem solving, we must be able to step away from it-To distance ourselves! And the best way to do this is by constant mental and physical "breaking." In the past breaks were looked at as a form of laziness. It is time to realize the value that breaks provide and to adopt some new thinking!