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Five Guidelines for Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life

     Many people struggle with finding meaning and purpose in life.  In the following ideas I offer five guidelines for a person struggling in this way. (1) Assess and then figure out what helps you want to live.  Questions like 'what gets me out of bed each day and gets me going?' are an example of how to examine what there is in life that makes life worth living. (2) Explore general resources that aid a person in achieving what he/she is meant to do with his/her life to make sense out of that life.  Various writers study and then describe issues and concerns in relation to purpose and meaning in life; turning to these writers can provide ideas and direction for this search. (3) Seek out professional resources who can aid in this exploration of purpose and meaning.  This experience might include a therapist who is willing to share ideas about how the therapist has gained his/her own purpose and meaning in life.  Often times this type of search with...

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Questions from an Aspiring Therapist (And Useful Information for a Better Awareness)

Questions from an Aspiring Therapist (And Useful Information for a Better Awareness)

Why did you become a Mental Health counselor? All my experiences, including other careers, friends and travels have convinced me that I should be in this field. Teachers and professors have proven to me that one person can change another person’s life. Community, normalization and empathy are possible when people have similar experiences. My pains will and have served as awareness, relief and understanding and most of all HOPE. Holding Onto Positive Expectations – Even the most tragic experience can turn out to be a blessing e.g. organ donating. Someone must die for someone else to live. In the case of a therapist, we offer relief to people through our education and experiences. I have come to understand that reasons exist and experiences are not necessarily random. If something sticks out to you (in any situation) pay attention to it. ***

2. Explain your experiences with taking the exam ...

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Guided Meditation for Improved Performance

I began my career in Metaphysics over 25 years ago when I was hired by the exclusive King Ranch Health Spa and Wellness Retreat to teach yoga and guided meditation to such high profile guests as Toller Cranston and Andre Agassi.  My position at the King Ranch really inspired me, as well as taught me a lot about success.  One of the most important things that I learned is that winners take time to train their mind as well as their body, and they do this through some form of meditation. 

I take individuals or groups through a guided meditation that is meant to improve their performance in whatever they do. I will speak with the meeting facilitator and find out what the group's goal is for themselves (it could be better health for a ladies group, or more sales for a corporate group) and then I write the meditation so that they can remove the limitations that are blocking them from achieving their goals.  I present this custom guided medit...

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Trend Watch: The Double Career Life

I was recently interviewed for an article in a leading Canadian business magazine on the interesting topic of dual careerists - people who pursue two careers instead of one. Check out if this lifestyle appeals to you and enjoy the article below!

The Double Life of Dual Careerists by Day Helesic

"Prosperity, variety, pursuit of passions, the opportunity to be creative-these are the hallmarks of a successful and meaningful work life. The chances of a single career providing all that? Slim. That's why today's professionals are often choosing to boost their career satisfaction by doubling up. If you want it all, why settle for just one career?

Dual careerist Dr. Daniel Kalla is an emergency-room physician and international best-selling novelist. In 1998, after establishing his medical career in his mid-20s at Vancouver's St. Paul's and Mount Saint Joseph hospitals, he took a screenwriting course at SFU that inspired him to write. "I loved creative writing right through elementary scho...

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Top 10 Job Objections You Face In Getting Hired

Preparing for job interviews is obviously a critical stage in the hiring process. It's important to view the interview from the employer's perspective. Prior to the interview, you must anticipate all possible objections they could have in hiring you and develop the most effective interview strategies to alleviate the employer's apprehension. During the interview, pay close attention to the employer's questions because often their questions indicate possible objections (if it's a panel interview, you should also make note of who asked what questions). In the case where the employer can't ask specific questions due to government employment standards, you have the option of taking the initiative to address the employer's possible objections.

Here are the top 10 objections you face in getting hired:


1. Too young

  • You don't have enough practical skills; you're too intellectual; you aren't hands-on savvy
  • You'll require too much training time and $ to get up to speed
  • You're not dep...

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How to Find A Job You Love Using Recruiters FAQ's

What are the 2 major types of recruiters?

Retainer Recruiters:

  • Recruiter gets paid whether or not a candidate is matched to a position
  • Note: Recruiter less likely to be interested in meeting you right away unless you're a perfect match for a current position they are filling

Contingency Recruiters:

  • Recruiter only gets paid if they complete a match and fill a position
  • Note: Recruiter more likely to be interested in meeting you because they are driven to build a large candidate pool from which to match employer requirements

Why do companies hire recruiters?

  • Workload constraints:
    • HR department is too small to take on recruiting functions
  • Hiring expertise:
    • Lack competence to attract the right candidates (writing ads, using LinkedIn, screening resumes, interviewing)
  • Time constraints:
    • In-house hiring methods slower than recruiter methods
  • Specialized positions:
    • Job is unique
  • Industry expertise:
    • Lack in-depth knowledge of ind...

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10 Reasons Why People Love Their Jobs

Making a transition to a new career can be very challenging. Believe me, I know from my career counseling practice that for many executives and professionals who decide to make a career change, it’s often not easy. But when they finally decide that a dead end, toxic or boring job is no longer tolerable, then they find the courage to dig deep and do what it takes to find a new job they love.

So, what are the big payoff’s for people who take the time to pause, figure out what makes them happy at work and who launch their careers in a new direction? From all the feedback and letters I get from career counseling clients who now live a life of passion and purpose, here are the top 10 reasons they love their new careers (in no particular order):

1. Meaningful work. They experience inner satisfaction and a strength that comes from making a difference. They are happy from the inside out.

2. Qualifications are on the cutting edge. They’re driven by an ongoing desire for new...

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Are You Procrastinating Again?

We all do it, we set goals, create actions to take, say we are going to do something but somewhere along the way we lose sight of the what inspired us, our commitment and we don't do it. We come up with endless reasons and excuses why, we stop doing what we said we would and then later when we are fed up we start all over again. Ha ha, how fun!
I'll admit it, I've been procrastinating myself posting this blog. I've had all kinds of excuses, I'm busy taking a coaching program for myself, don't have time, it'll take so long, I'm not sure what I should write about.. blah blah blah, like my partner said to me I've spent more time thinking and worrying about it then doing it! Now that is a waste of energy.

So, Why Do We Procrastinate?

Crazy thinking (I can’t do it, now’s not a good time, it’s too hard - any excuse we can come up with so we don't have to do what we said)
Overestimating time or lack of scheduling
Lacking inspiration, not keeping your bigger vision present

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Wall Street Christians (The emotional conflict of God and Money)

In today’s fast-paced world where a minute lost is a dollar spent it is becoming harder and harder for modern day Christians to separate their beliefs from their everyday actions and activities. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the workplace, where everything is subject to collective scrutiny.

Many practicing Christians in positions of authority or those whose roles require guiding and managing others are constantly realizing that it is much harder to actually “Practice what you Preach.” For those whose everyday activity involves the manipulation and fabrication of capital, this can be an even greater challenge. The term “greed is the route of all-evil” can be a bidirectional emotional conflict. It’s hard to be a Samaritan when all through the year your primary focus is on ensuring you attract the highest bonus.

Karina Cole, a counselor at Emotional Care Associates has hands-on experience with working in the world of business and finance, whil...

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Why I Love Working with College Students

I don’t know if anyone has ever told you guys this, but getting a Ph.D. takes forever. I honestly thought that I would be strolling across that stage flanked by my grandkids, leaning on my walker before I ever finished the darn thing. It wasn’t too bad, because I’m one of those weirdos that loved graduate school. My undergraduate studies, however, were a different story.

I am always excited to see college students in my practice because I keenly remember what it was like to be one. Though I hit my stride in graduate school, I found the rush and confusion of my undergraduate program to be challenging. During my Master’s and Doctoral degrees, I studied psychotherapy or something related to it all day, every day. Life made sense. But, during those first four years, running from Underwater Basket Weaving to Spanish to Women’s Lit all in one day fried my brain. Fortunately, I learned to survive and thrive, managing both my classes and extracurricular activitie...

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