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3 Ways to Tackle Anxiety

Matt W. Sandford, LMHC

Everyone worries, but not everyone worries the same way. Everyone worries but not everyone is affected the same way. Some are more affected by events, or external issues or circumstances, some more so by negative thoughts, personal flaws, or wounds old and new. And when things happen in our world and in our community and in our personal lives the worries can pile up. My goal for this vignette is not to provide a way to eradicate all your anxieties, as wonderful as that sounds, for that would be aiming too high for a mere article. However, all of us can feel better if we can reduce the size or the intensity of the pile of worries. And that seems like a reachable and helpful goal.

1. Find a way to get at least some of those swirling thoughts out of your head. You know, the more that you ruminate on your anxieties that it doesn’t help. In fact, they grow, don’t they? They seem to take on a life of their own, as your mind finds ways to add to the possib...

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Wholeness is a Mandate from God

In John 16:33 Jesus declares; "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart I have overcome the world." It is obvious that God understands that if we focus our attention on the world and the things in it we will have troubles above and beyond what we can bear. However if we focus on God, He has promised we will overcome the onslaught of the world, gaining victory and wholeness for the journey. I admonish you today to seek God and ultimately gain peace and wholeness.

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The Investigation

One of the saddest rewards of greatness is an individual who will deliberately seek out your flaws, only to avoid someone discovering theirs. This is the nature of leadership bruised by being overweight or the need to over achieve and this sadness goes on in the church. When someone with a legitimate gift and calling comes on the scene and is recognized by the Chief Apostle of the house, CEO of a solid Fortune 500 company, all of a sudden, the elders are nervous, the assistant pastor now needs to investigate your documents and apostolic succession to make sure you are known by someone other than the credentials you hold, and the executive V.P. goes out of his way to misdirect you from any and all meetings, forgetting that you have the pipeline of favor and are well liked by the CFO in charge of a business venture that has been out of reach. For all intended purposes, some of this is truly needed. But when you’re an educated Man\Woman, Rev.Dr./Newly Degreed, Partner in the states m...

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Second-Hand Parents

Grandparenting and second-hand shopping have a lot in common.

Both are absolutely wonderful.

They're not first of all mine. Their way of being has been tested. I don't have to break them in. And there's a lot less thought about how things look, what will people think of me, and does it match?

Aside from the pleasant frugality of shopping second-hand, I know the product has been tried. If it was going to shrink, it is shrunk. If it was fragile, it wouldn't be there. If it scuffs easily, I can see the scuffs. This has belonged to someone else. And now I have an opportunity to take it home if I wish.

Nothing to do with the trend of the day. What works works. Sometimes crazy pizzaz, and usually just plain comfortable and easy-wear. Sometimes bright and shiny, usually fairly non-descript.

Parenting is dealing with someone brand new! Our whole identity seems at stake. People are watching, aren't they? How will our children behave? What will people think when my child tantrums at the gro...

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When Depression Tries to Take Over


Psalm 42:5 declares, "Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God." It is absolutely clear that when we are depressed or discouraged our only source of real and lasting change is God. I have counseled many people and the almost everytime the familiar thread that results from most issues is a state of depression. As a Christian counselor it is my desire to be the person that God will use to bring change in your life that will last. I request your presence in a soothing atmosphere, while I encourage you to hope in God and watch Him do amazing things.

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Guided Meditation for Sunday Mar. 9th, 2014

Join Rev. Tracy L. Cox, B. Msc., IMM, CIMM for a guided healing meditation, designed to reset your energy to Positivity. The mechanics of meditation will be discussed, as well as new research that proves that meditation and prayer actually work to change and improve the world around us. Rev. Tracy is available for one on one consultations, in her Aurora Chapel, or worldwide by phone. For more info please go to 


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Sunday Morning Meditation for March 2nd, 2014

Join Rev. Tracy Cox, B. Msc, IMM, CIMM for a guided healing meditation, designed to reset your energy to Positivity. We will begin with some tips to help your meditation practice, and then enjoy a full session of healing meditation. Connect to Source! 

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Getting Through the Holiday Blues

By Matt W. Sandford, LMHC

It seems like a wonderful time of year. People get excited for time with their families, to enjoy holiday traditions and make new memories. But – I think it’s actually just as common for people to not look forward to this time of year. If you are one of those who don’t you may feel like you are the odd ball, thinking that most people can’t identify with your perspective. And so, like those many who can identify with you, you keep those feelings and thoughts to yourself and put on a pretend face. Maybe you have found someone with whom you can commiserate, and if so, you may end up mocking those who seem naively upbeat. It’s a common way of coping with our hurts, by mocking folks who don’t really get it, and elevating our own higher sense of clarity and realism. Problem is, it really doesn’t help you to cope or get through the time in a healthy and fulfilling manner. There really is a difference in how you get through t...

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Changing Perspectives

I am always amazed when I read my Bible, how different God’s perspective is from ours. The things that God values are not our natural values. We value comfort, peace and happiness. God values the things that discomfort, distress and suffering accomplish in us.
Now, I’m a Marriage and Family Therapist. People come to me for help with the many difficulties in their lives they can’t seem to fix. And I believe God can use therapy to bring hope and healing to our hearts and our relationships. Many people ask me, “Doesn’t God want me to have a good marriage, obedient children and a balanced budget?” I believe God does want these blessings for us, but He has something far greater in mind for us than these earthly blessings.
The New Testament repeatedly emphasizes the concepts of suffering, trials and testing. Who in their right mind would want to suffer? Not me! I want only the good things God has to offer. But if we are satisfied with these earthly blessings...

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Wall Street Christians (The emotional conflict of God and Money)

In today’s fast-paced world where a minute lost is a dollar spent it is becoming harder and harder for modern day Christians to separate their beliefs from their everyday actions and activities. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the workplace, where everything is subject to collective scrutiny.

Many practicing Christians in positions of authority or those whose roles require guiding and managing others are constantly realizing that it is much harder to actually “Practice what you Preach.” For those whose everyday activity involves the manipulation and fabrication of capital, this can be an even greater challenge. The term “greed is the route of all-evil” can be a bidirectional emotional conflict. It’s hard to be a Samaritan when all through the year your primary focus is on ensuring you attract the highest bonus.

Karina Cole, a counselor at Emotional Care Associates has hands-on experience with working in the world of business and finance, whil...

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