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UPCOMING: Caregiver Support Group & Mother/Daughter Workshops

Caregiver's Support Group

Are you the primary caregiver for an aging, sick, or disabled loved one? This can be a lonely and difficult job. This support group will help you feel understood and encouraged. You spend so much of your time helping your loved one. This group is here to help you! Ongoing from 11 am to 12:15 pm Saturdays. The cost is $10 to cover cost of materials. REGISTRATION REQUIRED by contacting Christianne at or call 817-993-1170. For more information, visit

Mother/Daughter Workshop for Young Adults and Their Mothers

Do you feel your mother/daughter relationship is not what you want it to be? Is your relationship filled with misunderstandings and hurt feelings? During this 2 hour workshop, I want to help you and your mother or daughter better connect and understand each other. This workshop is for daughters ages 20 to 29 and their mothers.
Saturday, April 12, from 1 pm to 3 pm
$20 per mother/daughter duo
Please re...

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Parental Authority And The Criminal Justice System

For six years I assessed the mental health treatment needs of adults who were caught in the revolving door of a state criminal justice system in New England. To piece together the histories of these clients, I spoke with inmates' parents whenever possible. These interviews showed me how parents had lost control of their children: victims of parental indifference and abuse were primed to demand reparations from a community that was about to pay dearly for what these children felt robbed of growing up. One doesn’t behave in respectful ways as an adult when fed a steady diet of disrespect as a child.

The abdication and/or abuse of parental authority incubates the development of antisocial traits. The antidote to the behavioral viruses these traits spawn is a parenting philosophy built on a bedrock of benevolent authority. Benevolent authority is put into action as consistent and continuous dialogues with our children where we actively listen to and clarify what we hear, reflect back...

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Conscious Couples

The challenge of relationship is always one of self-discovery, as well as learning the simple strategies that make partnership work. Fortunately, in many cases a variety of approaches can make a real difference in pleasure, connection, and success. The challenge is stepping into new realms, and experiencing previously unknown ways of being together. It's something kids do all the time, but we often shy away from. However, if you know what you want, and see it clearly, that step can be made, in a moment of choice. It really is up to you.

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The Beauty of Keeping it Real

"There is a crack in everything. That's how the Light gets in." Leonard Cohen

How many of us are ashamed of our cracks?, for the raunchier minds out there, Im not referring to Plumber's cracks...although some are admittedly less shameful than others...

Im talking about the cracks in our perceptions of the selves we aspire to be...
the imperfections that plague us...the shortcomings that we try to make up for...the past mistakes we just cant let go of...the limitations we rail against....

How many times have we thought to ourselves, "Its ok for so and so, but not for me. I know better...Im above that..."

Why is it so much easier to be understanding of another's faults rather than our own?

While at first glance, cutting others more of a "break" than we cut for ourselves may appear magnanimous, it may just be the sneaky whisperings of ego in disguise.

After all, why not you? Why not me? Why should you or I be crack-proof when the rest of the world is being held together by Krazy...

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Living Simply

You may have heard the expression, "Keep it simple?" Oh so true. I just mentioned this to my children the other day: "The simpler the solution, the better." How about in your own life? Is it as simple as it can possibly be? What would it take for you to make it as simple as it could be? And are you taking those steps to do that? (PS Hypnosis, meditation, Reiki and EFT can help!!). The absolute smartest and happiest people I know have learned to live simply-great advice for you clutter bugs out there!! What exactly is the mindset of simple living? It mainly involves separating your needs from your wants. What parts of your life do you really need? What parts do you just want but could do without? And are you able to separate them? Remember when we unclutter our physical lives, we uncluttter our minds. And that is what I call living simply!

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How to Protect Yourself When Online Dating

The possible dangers of establishing an online courtship have garnered massive media attention. “Catfishing”, as it’s been dubbed in the social media world, is the art of engaging an unsuspecting person in a romantic online courtship with an individual that is falsified by another person seeking attention.  With online dating quickly rising as a way for people to meet, connect and start relationships, it is important to know the warning signs and protect yourself emotionally and physically from those who are utilizing a deceitful online persona.

Choose Your Sites Wisely

If you’re choosing the online dating route, make sure to align yourself with verified and reputable dating sites such as Using a site not geared to dating, like Facebook to start a relationship (unless reconnecting with someone you’ve met before in person) can increase your chances of meeting someone who is using a fake profile and picture to meet others.

Use technology to...

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Hi Everyone:

How are you?

For those who have issues and concerns but cannot travel to an office, Online Therapy, e-Counseling, or e-Coaching may be the solution.

Online Therapy, e-Counseling, and e-Coaching may include any of the following formats and/or technologies:

* E-Mail

* Telephone

* Online Chat

* Webcam

* Combination

If you are interested in Online Therapy, e-Counseling, or e-Coaching, please visit:

Have a great weekend!


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One lesson for people from horse whisperer Buck Brannaman

Horse whisperer Buck Brannaman has lessons for therapists, parents and partners! I am watching a workshop on a gorgeous Saturday. Buck is talking about how riders often ask their horses to do things without knowing whether the horse was picking up the rear right or left leg thereby causing the horse to lose balance much of the time. In other words, riders often do not cooperate with the needs of the horse and that creates resistance.   This blew the minds of most people in the audience and the people taking the lesson.

We often do this with our children our partners and our clients.   It points to the importance of timing and attentiontion to the rhythms of the other.   Classic examples of problems in this area include: trying to have sex when the other person is tired, trying to have a conversation in the middle of a major football game; not making up before going to bed; failing to hug and kiss upon coming home.  

Part of what blew everyone's mind was that Buck ...

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Refresh Your Relationship This Summer

Sometimes our relationships can become stagnant. It’s time to reignite the flame and restore the passion that you and your partner deserve.· Being social… look for healthy couples to hang out with. Summer is the time for BBQ’s, pool parties, camping, picnics in the park, and going to the beach. Socializing with other couples will bring about new adventures to add to your list.

Priority… make your partner feel special. Let them know that your relationship is at the top of your priority list. Brainstorm different ways that you can show them daily.

Communication… learn to be an effective communicator. Being a good communicator means being a good listener. Most couples listen with the intent to reply, instead, listen with the intent to understand.

Play nice… it’s not always going to be fun and games. There will be times that you and your partner don’t get along. Watch your tone. No name-calling, no degrading, and no blaming. Bef...

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My Friend Needs A Therapist - Will You Contact Them?

Short answer: I can’t.

Longer answer: this question has been asked many times and in various forms (exchange “friend” for “wife”, “husband”, “child”), and each time I’ve been unable to accommodate the request. Why? Part of seeing a therapist is the idea of will and choice – the will to investigate something which we feel is bothering us, and the choice of whom to see for this service. If I were to go ahead and contact someone at the behest of a friend or relative, I would be imposing myself upon that choice and that will (symbolically at least).

Even if someone I contacted ended up never-minding my intrusion (and their friend’s intervention) and became a regular client, that initial lack of choice and will would probably linger in the therapeutic space. It could prove disruptive to the extreme, especially as they become more and more attuned to their situation.

So, no, sadly I cannot contact your friend, no matt...

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