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The Finish Line

When I first became a hypnotist, I was offered the 'fast track to becoming successful.' I did not then do do I now have any interest in this. I am a strong believer in enjoying and learning from the process. For one thing the details of the 'process' is what makes up your life. For another thing, you get so much more from learning about what you did right and what you did not. This is ownership. Seems so many people are in such a hurry to cross the 'finish line.' Sorry folks there is no finish line (except of course maybe death). If you rush through every experience then that's just what it will feel like: like you rushed through it to get to the next thing. Maybe it's time to ask yourself a question: what is the next thing that you are rushing to?

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Charles Asher HOW BECOMING IS THE DIVINE SELF Imagine, if you will, part of the wider Jungian community, are gathered together in the basement of a Lutheran church. It could be a Presbyterian church as well. It could be, for that matter, just about any mainstream American church. They are going to dine together, and hear an evening talk as a way of preparing to fall asleep, some sooner than later. Someone, being didactic and commenting on the surroundings, says that the church has been historically symbolized as a ship tossed on the rough seas of life. Another adds, “So here we are - below deck.” A titter of laughter follows. More wine is poured, and thoughtfully sipped by all. The ship begins to roll. It was some such vision of a crew below deck that prompted Herman Melville in the classic, Moby Dick, to write of Ahab, the vengeful captain of the Pequod, Some considerating touch of humanity was in him; for at times like these, he usually abstained from patrolling the quart...

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What is Trauma?


There are large “T” traumas such as rape, war, assault, sexual, physical & emotional abuse, accidents (or witnessing one), natural disasters, divorce, chronic/acute illness, etc and there are small “t” traumas such as betrayal, mild forms of bullying or negative feedback, lack of proper emotional support as a child, etc.

Events happen to you that you are unable to process and you are left feeling overwhelmed, with symptoms that just won’t go away, that’s also considered a trauma response. Memories are stored in the brain and symptoms can also be experienced and felt throughout pains or aches in the body. There is a mind-body connection and what we think and feel reflects our pains and joys through behavioral and thought patterns. In order to heal you have to deal with the whole person, both the body and mind. If the trauma remains unresolved, it will, many times, cause symptoms in your present life.

Following is a short list of p...

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It's My Party

I celebrated my 52nd birthday yesterday. It was a nice day as I got several calls from friends and family wishing me well. My sleep last night was not quite as nice. I tossed and turned for about 2 hours. Like many who are my age, my mind wandered while I thought about everything from finances to little things like finding my cell phone charger. I'm guessing anyone over 25, especially those with a house and a family, go through the same thing as I did. What I am working on is training myself to focus on only the positive. I am am utilizing Reiki, EFT and Hypnosis to do this (even in bed in the middle of the night!!). I know it may take time and effort but that in the end I will trade my current habit, nighttime worrying, for peaceful meditation. Even just the act of writing it out helps me to make it real. What about you? What habits would you like to trade?

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Snow Day

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm not a fan of snow. Maybe I liked it as a kid (who didn't?), but I have grown weary of it. Very Weary. Today my girls had their third day of school cancelled due to snow. Instead of getting angry at the weather-Hypnosis , Reiki and EFT training always help, btw!-I think I'll just get a few things done (like this blog), then relax and spend time with the girls. Each day is a gift and we can choose to accept it as it is or to get angry, frustrated or wish for something else. I don't need anything else. I have everything I need right here. Besides, I know that Spring will get here...eventually!

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N Vision

Because you can predict it, YOU hold the key to your own future. That's right! All you have to do is envision how you see yourself and it will happen. It is important to use all your senses so nothing gets left out. Want to meet the right person? Picture yourself with them! Run a successful business, then feel what it's like to be in charge! Then just keep on practicing it (make it a habit) If you have trouble envisioning, borrow the image from a book, a movie, a tv show or a friend's life. Doesn't matter where you get it as long as it resonates with you. Every great idea, leader, country, etc comes from one or many who first envisioned it. They did it and so can you!

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No Pain, No Gain

It is said that nothing replaces experience. In other words, both time and enough 'failure' will produce wisdom and experience. Sort of why people get nervous when a young doctor treats them. Another great expression is "Some people fail, to grow while other just fail to grow." It seems we can be very hard on ourselves about what we term 'failure.' Failure looked at in a more positive way could be rephrased as opportunity. So, put another way, when something does not go as we planned, it gives us the opportunity for growth. This type of growth can be invigorating if we let it be. If our minds are open to it. this type of opportunity is not failure but really a small form of success.

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Fool the Eye

My favorite period of Art is the Impressionist Period. I love the colors and the thickness of the paint, the time period and the romance it evokes. Most importantly I love what is termed Trompe-l'œil-It means 'fooling the eye' and is the concept behind Impressionist Painting. The idea is that the brain can be fooled into believing something that really does not exist. Maybe it is the similarity to Hypnotism that catches me. With Hypnotism we are doing basically the same thing. Instead of just fooling the eye, we are fooling the entire brain! Hypnotism works by making our brains think we have accomplished something when we have not or convincing our brains that we are things (like calm or confident) whether we believe we are those things or not.

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The Importance of Dreams in Jungian Psychology

According to Carl Jung, personal dreams emerge from the uppermost stratum of the unconscious and employ symbols particular to the unique history and psychology of that person, while archetypal dreams derive from a much deeper layer which is shared in common by all humanity. Jung named this deeper stratum the collective unconscious and was the first to describe the nature of archetypal dreams which are characterized by universal symbolism that manifest and reveal innate psychological patterns of human perception and experience.  Of course both types of dreams are important in the individuation process, which is what Jung called the predominantly unconscious evolution of the personality which occurs primarily during the second half of the human life cycle. Personal dreams, again according to Jung, can take on the form of wish fulfillment or they can have complementary and compensatory functions, but...

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Thoughts About Understanding Dreams

Each night we slip through the veils of consciousness into a world of magic, mystery, and adventure. There, we are offered beneficial information, both mystical and mundane. From the most profound truths to very practical guidance, this realm offers assistance for whatever holds our waking attention.

Most of the time, we wake from that realm with fleeting memories or vague emotions; sometimes a passing thought about “that weird dream” as we move into preparation for the day ahead. Before one knows it, all memory of the dream is gone. Yet, we may be left with a sense of having missed something. Perhaps, we have.

Great discoveries and decisions have resulted from attention to dreamtime messages. Thomas Edison famously worked around the clock, taking naps as needed and using the information he received during those naps to fuel his exceptional inventiveness. Dreams provided the inspiration for Elias Howe’s creation of the lock stitch sewing machine; Friedrich Handel&rs...

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