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Questions from an Aspiring Therapist (And Useful Information for a Better Awareness)

Questions from an Aspiring Therapist (And Useful Information for a Better Awareness)

Why did you become a Mental Health counselor? All my experiences, including other careers, friends and travels have convinced me that I should be in this field. Teachers and professors have proven to me that one person can change another person’s life. Community, normalization and empathy are possible when people have similar experiences. My pains will and have served as awareness, relief and understanding and most of all HOPE. Holding Onto Positive Expectations – Even the most tragic experience can turn out to be a blessing e.g. organ donating. Someone must die for someone else to live. In the case of a therapist, we offer relief to people through our education and experiences. I have come to understand that reasons exist and experiences are not necessarily random. If something sticks out to you (in any situation) pay attention to it. ***

2. Explain your experiences with taking the exam ...

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Depression and Hypnotherapy

An ever increasing number of people suffer from depression in 2014. Generally, doctors believe that depression is mostly biological and they treat the condition with prescribed medication. Unfortunately, medication has side effects that alter your body and your brain in more ways than you can imagine.

Depression can cause you to feel hopeless, pessimistic, tired and low in energy. When you’re depressed you feel like you’re in a dark hole and you can’t see the light outside. This hellish state of being may motivate you to seek relief in any form. Medication is the quickest way and doesn’t involve delving deep within your psyche to uncover the possible source of the darkness.

There are a few studies that show the effectiveness of hypnosis in treating depression by changing the quality of your perspective on life on a subconscious level . Research demonstrates that suggestions to the subconscious mind can transform a negative point of view into a more optimistic,...

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When Should You Have Your Child Evaluated for Learning Disabilities?

When Should You Have Your Child Evaluated for Learning Disabilities?

Determining when the appropriate time to have your child first evaluated is a difficult question to answer, and varies on a case-by-case basis based on individual factors. However, there are a few questions to ask yourself as well as basic information concerning the likely onset of learning disabilities that can help guide you in deciding whether or not to have your child evaluated.


Has your child displayed academic and/or behavioral difficulties since they first began school?

Has your child just started struggling during the current academic year?

What factors have changed during the current academic year that could account for difficulties (i.e., new school, transition from elementary to middle school, significant increase in workload, etc.)?

Does your child fluctuate between periods of doing well and struggling considerably?


If your child has displayed academic and/or behavioral difficulti...

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Norene Chevalie's Blog

Welcome to my blog. My blogs will be positve in nature and challenge each of us towards chanchanging our thinking from negative to positive. In staying with the cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused approach, thinking (cognitions) determine our feelings, our options and choices. Our choicez deeermine our actions/behavior and finally outcomes. Typically we let our minds wander (passively active). By using CBT/SFT, we learn to teach our minds to become "actively active." Then when we do this we gain personal control over our thoughts and can begin to make positive choices in our lives. SO, this blog is about positive information, positive sayings and words as well as resources. ENJOY THE JOURNEY. CHANGE IS NOT THE ISSUE;   IT IS THE TRANSITIPN TO IT! An experiece in itselfis meaningless until we give it meaning. We either react or respond.

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Where Are Your Desires Leading You?

"Often the very desires that lead to our ruin start as healthy longings." We begin our young lives wanting love, affirmation, attention, nurturing, care, and the like. Then we are raised by less-than-perfect people who are unable, or sometimes unwilling, to meet our needs for these things. At this point, we are faced with a choice: where will we turn to have our needs met? And while we're deciding where to turn, we are believing that these desires are good, just misguided and need to be met in healthy ways. So, we are determined find a different healthy way. And while there are "...certainly natural desires, there are no neutral ones..."

We are given plenty of options to fulfill our needs. For instance, we can find other people to give us what we crave. These people can be healthy (caring, loving, selfless) or unhealthy (preoccupied, selfish or needy themselves). Or perhaps we think no I don't need people to meet our needs because they will fail us so we don't depend on them. I know I...

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