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Taking Child's Pose

Have you ever taken a yoga class? If so, then you are surely aware of one of the most basic poses – Child’s Pose. When taking this pose, you are folded over your knees, forehead of the ground and arms and hands either flat by your sides or stretched out in front of you. I understand it to be a resting pose – used when you need to take a break from the current flow of the class. You might be too tired, you might have noticed a pain somewhere in your body, you might simply not want to do the current pose that the rest of the class is doing. So you opt out and take Child’s Pose.

Child’s Pose is a legitimate asana – or body position. Every yoga teacher I know speaks of Child’s Pose as a fantastic option. They often will direct me and my other classmates to ‘take Child’s Pose.’ But they also point out that this position is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength, intuition, and self-care. Knowing when you’ve pushed yo...

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Instant Pain Relief with Holistic approach

Breakthrough in Holistic Medicine... the Emotion Code. Probably you never heard of this method of Healing, but now you will be able to learn or even use for your own benefit.

Would you like to be Free of your Neck Pain, Back Pain, Leg Pain, Headaches, Shoulder Pain, even Teeth Pain or any other Acute and Chronic Pain ? or to clear Your Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Phobias, Depression, Grief, Shame, Abuse, Worry, etc.

 Trapped Emotions are the biggest underlying cause of all diseases and Pain.

Works for Animals Children and anybody who suffer from Pain or illness.

Just experience this Breakthrough Holistic approach to your pain and see the result for yourself .

Release a few Trapped Negative Emotions ... Your Pain is either reducted or completely GONE ! It takes 1/2 hr, or less time to do that. This is done by Muscle Testing, and it is 100 % accurate.Muscle Testing is the door to the Subconcious Mind where all informations are stored. The Subconcious Mind is the Devine Intelligence. W...

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History Lessons - Living with our roots

These past few months I have been contemplating my rootedness in life and how it has served or hindered me over the years. I also have seen this question arise in my clients’ work over the years and I know that there are blessings as well as some traps in being deeply and soundly rooted in the past.Years back, when going through my psychotherapy training I was asked to look back, not only on my own life but also those of the people who came before me: my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. It was an enlightening exercise as it showed me how much of who I am was based on their life experiences, fears, hopes, joys, and pains (I recommend the exercise for anyone who is interested in finding out more about what ‘makes them tick’, as they say). And because of my own interest and leanings I also have looked deeply into my lives before this life, my past incarnations as much as I can remember them. I have come to realize that I — like everyone on this planet...

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Help children process the news of a divorce! Part #2

Adolescents’ reaction to the news of divorce could be anywhere within the spectrum of intense anger, sadness, and depression to no reaction at all. Adolescents who express their feelings accuse their parents of “ruining their life”, “ being selfish” and “ inconsiderate”. They may also act up as being the “victims of their parents’ decision”. As a result, their grades at school may drop, they may start missing classes, refuse to go to school, and hang out with the troublesome kids at school and justify their behavior as the consequence of the parents’ separation.

On the other end, adolescents who do not show any feelings may seem to be taking the news of the divorce very well; nothing changes in their behavior or school grades and they continue to be the same. However, every teen will react to the separation in some explicit way; although it may take them days or even months. Parents need to be prepared for a backlash an...

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Dr. Ronald Riggio, psychologist and professor at Claremont McKenna College, discusses the connection between smells and childhood memories in Psychology Today. Why is it that certain smells trigger certain memories, even from an early age? It is part of our evolutionary survival skills. Think about it…you know when you smell expired milk you should not put it on your Cheerios at breakfast. Have you ever taken a deliberate sniff your sweetie’s tee shirt to comfort you when he is out of town. A scent of a loved one makes a person feel safe and reassured. This is because the amygdala (the brain’s emotion center) & the hippocampus (a place that helps store memories) is located close to the brain’s olfactory bulb (Riggio, 2012).

During a recent snowstorm in Atlanta, my husband and I watched the fat snowflakes come down in the light of our front porch light drinking a mug of hot cocoa with obligatory mini-marshmallows. The smell of the hot chocolate made me thin...

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Staying Sane in the Face of Infertility

In a recent Washington Post column a woman having trouble with conception finds herself jealous of a friend’s pregnancy announcement. The advice given in the column sounds simple, but is there a tried and true way to stay positive in the face of infertility? The simple answer is “no”. However, there are many ways to stay sane in this life crisis. By acknowledging and processing the emotions and developing coping skills while also getting adequate help you can keep the rest of your life from getting swallowed by the abyss of infertility.

First of all, it is possible to have intense sadness for yourself while being truly happy for a pregnant friend. These two emotions can exist together but be extremely confusing. After congratulations are given, in a non-public arena be honest with your friend about your torn feelings. If you just start avoiding or isolating yourself with no explanation, your friendship is sure to suffer. Simple and private is best, such as “Whi...

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The Trouble with Passing

For many transgender people, particularly those who identify on the gender binary, “passing” is of particular importance. And this makes a lot of sense to me. I understand the very real concerns about people on the streets, at the job, or in a restroom recognizing you as transgender. There can be powerful, negative repercussions when that happens. Unfortunately, we see this all the time and even have an annual day of mourning to those whose lives are lost due to the fear and hatred of others. However, I have seen in my work that passing also comes with some troubles.

I have met quite a few trans folk who “pass” very well. No one knows about their natal sex or assigned gender. And these folk integrate quite well into the cisgender world. In fact, some integrate so well, that very few people know about their transition or their life story. And this is where the trouble sometimes lies.
When know one knows about your transgender identity, who do you talk to about th...

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Does Depression Have You LOST?

"When you’re lost in those woods, it sometimes takes you a while to realize that you are lost. For the longest time, you can convince yourself that you’ve just wandered off the path, that you’ll find your way back…Then the night falls again and again, and it’s time to admit that you have bewildered yourself so far off the path that you don’t even know from what direction the sun rises anymore.”     –Elizabeth Gilbert

Does the above quote sound familiar?  What might have started out as a walk along the edge of the woods to see the autumn leaves has now become a lifetime of night in a haunted dark forest that has no end and no sunrise. There seems to be no way to find the path back out of the dark forest of doom & gloom. Depression feels endless, but it often comes upon a person so gradually that it becomes part of life that is trudged through.  Depression has the victim bewildered and unable to see clearly the sun...

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When Ghandi died, I was unborn. And my heart was unaffected. The sun passed below the horizon, red, and so tired, on the Indian subcontinent.

When Kennedy died, I was a child, and my sphere was small and untouched. I remember the principle on the school intercom, the footage of the motorcade, and LBJ taking the oath...with Jacqueline standing next to him. I looked around at the adults in my world. Their eyes were red and they tried to explain it to me, but they faltered and were unconvincing. And the sun passed below the horizon in Texas.

When King died, I was lost in the self-absorbed me of adolescence. Yet I knew that something bigger than me had taken place. On the evening news, I heard the words streaming out of the tubed black and white television. The news anchor’s eyes, which could barely contain each week’s pain of the death count in Vietnam...his eyes became red and I thought I saw a tear. No, I was sure of it. The sun passed below the skyline of Memphis.


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Parenting is Climate Control

Parenting is Climate Control Blog posted September 21, 2013

Summer is almost over and the school year has already begun. Most days, outside temperatures are becoming manageable as the summer heat retreats to the middle of the day. As I reach for the thermostat in my house, I am reminded of Dr. Gary Landreth’s analogy of parents choosing to play the role of thermostats rather than thermometers in the family. 

As a parent of school-aged children, the new school year has ushered in a different level of activity in our household that requires a time of adjustment for all. So as outside temperatures become more manageable, inside the house, the heat is on! The rapid pace of school days, new departure times and morning routines for different children, a new schedule of after school activities, parental and professional commitments — all inevitably collide until we find a rhythm for the medium term, until next June. Meanwhile, I hear myself saying ‘hurry up!” and ...

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