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Therapy with Gay Male Clients: Why It 'Takes One to Know One'

Many therapists enjoy working with gay male clients.  After all, we tend to be middle-class (or higher) professionals who have health insurance that partially covers the cost of therapy or be in well-compensated jobs, and we tend to be "well-behaved" clients who show up, pay our fees, do the work, and even dress nicely.  So it's only natural that many straight therapists would want this type of client in their practice.  

The problem is, there can be distinct disadvantages when even the most well-meaning straight therapists attempt to provide therapy for gay male clients, and distinct advantages to working with a therapist who is a fellow gay man.  Making the matter even more difficult is that oftentimes straight therapists "don't know what they don't know."  Far too often, I hear stories from my gay male clients who have worked with previous (straight, male or female) therapists who don't entirely "get it".  For example, they might not know about or unde...

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Sex, STIs, & Being "Clean"

A clean bill of health. Those are words most of us like to hear from the doc following a visit. There’s nothing wrong with feeling healthy. But this saying has morphed into a stigmatizing way of viewing STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). If you spend anytime on dating and hook up sites, you’ll see some people write that they’re “clean” and they’re hoping that you’re “clean” too…clean being a euphemism for not having an STI. The implication is that if you have an STI, you are dirty. It sounds awful. And dehumanizing.

I take offense at this for several reasons. First, practically speaking – an infection or virus doesn’t make a person clean or unclean. When we have strep throat or a wart on our finger, we are not all of the sudden dirty. You simply need to take some penicillin or get the wart burnt off. But since an STI is a by-product of sex, it is somehow more distasteful. This language exposes our culture&rs...

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Fall Awakening, Transcending Talk-Therapy: see new blog and events

I’m excited to share my new book, Focalizing Source Energy, to be released this fall.  This small book explains how many clients, colleagues, and workshop participants are transcending talk-therapy (as we have known it) with a no-shame, no-blame, right-here, right-now healing approach that is body/energy oriented. If you want to discover what will make your life happier, while giving it meaning and purpose, you’ll love the new book.

To celebrate this new release, my previous two books are being offered for FREE for the FIRST FIVE DAYS after the updated 2012 eBook formats are complete over the next few weeks.  They will sell for a very reasonable price, but you can take advantage of the free offer if you’re on this e-mailing list, so stay tuned for that.

The new book will coincide with a series of classes and workshops: Getting Unstuck & Finding New Ground: Focalizing – Going Within to Move Beyond (click bold for ...

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DATE CHANGE - New 4-Week Course: Source Energy & Disease Transformation

DATE CHANGE/Starting April 3 - Source Energy Transforms Disease & Optimizes Life - 4 week course

with Dr. Michael Picucci
April 3, 2012, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Over three decades ago, amidst a sea of healthy, young gay men whose
consciousness and life-styles could be described as expansive, I celebrated a
hard-earned freedom some people will never know. Then suddenly, many
became very sick and started dying. I, too, became terminally ill. It wasn’t
even called AIDS then, and HIV had yet to be discovered.

This poignant history, and the unique perceptions I’ve drawn from it, are
what taught me that disease can become a teacher of love and wholeness. I learned
that through the opening to new perceptions of Source Energy that Disease
Transformation is the naturopathic shifting of our perception and
experience of a disease. It is cultivating a transcendent perspective about
our ailments that is nonlinear and multidimensional, evoking an experience of
peace and spaciousness.

Disease trans...

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A Magical S.E.X. Experience

Last week, I co-led a five-day retreat w/Claes Lilja (founder of Brotherhood Retreats) for HIV positive gay men from around the globe. Having previously facilitated numerous retreats, this one had some special ingredients that I am still happily digesting.

My contributions to the group were primarily in the areas of Disease Transformation (click to read article) and Sexuality & Sacred Sex. For the latter, we approached healing the obstruction many find between their sexual and love energies by shifting what we know about sex. We explored it through the lens of S.E.X. (Soul Energy eXchange), agreeing on a definition of “soul” and defining the four primary energies exchanged: Love, Pleasure, Lingam (active), and Yoni (receptive).

In a process of healing touch (with clothes on) led by Claes we experienced the restorative circle of love energy that is present when lingam and yoni are consciously exchanged. This reframing of sex was fascinating to the participants, and I wa...

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