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Spiritual Psychotherapy for Depression

Spiritual psychotherapy is an approach to psychotherapy that recognizes that we are more than meets the eye. A spiritual psychotherapist sees someone as existing on many planes of awareness at once. We see our clients as the physical person before us and also as multi-dimensional beings. What does this mean for sufferers of depression? Spiritual psychotherapy can help in the crisis of faith in life and oneself that often accompanies depression. Being guided to greater self-awareness, self-appreciate and self- understanding can truly help to shift some of the causes of depression. One of my main tools is hypnotherapy. For those who want to explore with this tool, it can open up awareness of one’s multi-dimensionality and therefore increase hope and motivation for creating a more enjoyable and meaningful life. For instance, in hypnosis, clients often receive messages from their guides, communicate with loved ones that have passed and even get glimpses into past life times. If any o...

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Couples and Marriage Counseling

When a couple comes in for counseling together, it usually means that they would like to find out if they can repair the relationship. For one thing, that means learning better communication. How do you learn to communicate well with your significant other? Each person will discover in the therapy sessions what “triggers” each other’s anger response. That is, we explore how much of it is ‘projection’ (e.g., he/she reminds you of someone in the past (perhaps a parent) and how much of it is real. It is usually a combination of both.

If one or both of you feel the relationship cannot work anymore, then the therapy will bring out why, and the validity of this will either be confirmed or transformed into a better relationship. Thus, the decision will become evident.

Each of the partners will explore who his/her partner reminds him of, and each will assess one’s own reactions to his/her partner. To optimize this process, role playing will be used in the mod...

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Authenticity in my practice

Starting my own hypnotherapy practice has been anything but straightforward. As with anything new, I'm struggling to find my own voice and a clear path. It seemed so simple at first.

Authenticity and transparency are qualities that I have struggled to embody in my life and my relationships. I'm a child of the 60s and, as an impressionable teenager, I assimilated many of the core beliefs of the hippy generation: An anti-establishment, anti-capitalistic, almost anarchic philosophical and political stance; a strong belief in the goodness and power of people; respect of people's freedom and the reality of their experience. My spiritual life has been a patchwork of Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist beliefs and, at this point, I'm pragmatic with no religious affiliations. The Universe is impersonal and is ruled by certain laws. If I allow negativity to rule my life, I will attract more of the same. If I allow positivity to guide me, like attracts like.

As an entrepreneur, how can I reconcile being s...

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You Are A Miracle: Self-acceptance Fosters Resilience

The most difficult thing in the world for many of you is to love yourself. No matter what your issues might be: Addictions, emotional eating, impulse control issues, anger, depression, intense unexplained sadness…you carry with you an inner condemnation of who you are and of your intrinsic goodness. Your self-talk reflects that lack of self-acceptance. You tell yourself, “I should have done this, I’m an idiot”, “Why can’t I get it together once and for all? What’s wrong with me?” “Why bother trying? I’m going to fail anyway. I always do”.

Every time you set a goal for yourself and you do not follow through, you beat yourself up. If you talked to your friends in the same way as you talk to yourself, you wouldn’t have any friends left. You condemn yourself for past behaviours, carry guilt, regret and resentment like badges of honour. “At least if I feel guilty,” you tell yourself, “that shows that...

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Depression and Hypnotherapy

An ever increasing number of people suffer from depression in 2014. Generally, doctors believe that depression is mostly biological and they treat the condition with prescribed medication. Unfortunately, medication has side effects that alter your body and your brain in more ways than you can imagine.

Depression can cause you to feel hopeless, pessimistic, tired and low in energy. When you’re depressed you feel like you’re in a dark hole and you can’t see the light outside. This hellish state of being may motivate you to seek relief in any form. Medication is the quickest way and doesn’t involve delving deep within your psyche to uncover the possible source of the darkness.

There are a few studies that show the effectiveness of hypnosis in treating depression by changing the quality of your perspective on life on a subconscious level . Research demonstrates that suggestions to the subconscious mind can transform a negative point of view into a more optimistic,...

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Our Beliefs and Our Dreams

Our Beliefs and Our Dreams

We tell ourselves stories and convince ourselves of beliefs daily. We believe that life is difficult, that we must work hard to be successful and financially stable, that if we stop worrying about bad things, they will actually happen to us, and a variety of other beliefs. Why? You picked up these beliefs from other people, your parents, your friends, the media. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking and part of growing up is determining which of these beliefs are your own and which were passed on to you from someone else. In developing a sense of critical thinking, as a free human being you can decide which ones serve you and which to discard.

For any change or transformation that you want to make in your life, you must first visualize yourself doing or thinking or living that life you imagine. Any change that is not first visualized and believed will not stick. How can you change your life if you don’t believe that you can?

You must first dis...

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Self-Esteem and Resiliency

Self-esteem and resiliency

Recently, I was thinking about self-esteem and how it has been reviled and misused since its implementation in U.S. schools, beginning in the late 1980s until 2002. Well-intentioned lawmakers declared that people who had high self-esteem would be immune to drug addiction, crime and a plethora of social ills.

Naturally, there was a strong backlash against this self-esteem movement. As an example of its opposite, China is often cited as a nation of high-achieving children who were verbally abused by their parents to motivate them to succeed.

The truth of the matter is that true self-esteem comes from within and results from the recognition of our unique strengths and abilities, while also acknowledging our weaknesses. It is part of building a strong, healthy sense of self in the world. Real self-esteem and acceptance of ourselves cannot be shaken by life’s hardships and obstacles and may actually help foster resiliency. And with each obstacle we overco...

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The many ways in which hypnosis can help

The ways in which hypnosis can help are almost limitless.


Anxiety, Depression, Recurring Negative Thoughts

Each one of us experiences challenges in our daily lives. Some of these challenges can be triggered by life's events and our reactions to them. Some of them are deeply embedded in our inner emotional landscape. When in a hypnotic state, we can be made more aware of our subconscious beliefs and how they affect our thoughts and behaviors.


In our daily lives, we develop coping mechanisms in response to our stresses and emotional states. It can be smoking, nervous tics (nail biting, foot tapping etc.), overeating, or other self-defeating and unhealthy behaviors. Hypnosis can help by uncovering what triggers these behaviors at the source.

Soul or spirit

Some people believe that we came into our present bodies to bring spiritual light and vibrations to this denser, material reality. Hypnosis can help yus connect to your Higher Self and to learn to recognize its ...

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Hypnosis and You

The power of hypnosis is incredibly subtle and quiet. Following a hypnosis session, changes began to happen at a level just below awareness because they are taking place in the subconscious mind. In my experience, clients forget that the changes started happening while in the hypnotic session and believe that they are occurring randomly.

The greatest satisfaction for me is to witness the clarity of recognition in clients as they become aware that our work began when the client decided to contact me to schedule an appointment. From that point onward, we became a team and the power of two people working towards a common goal using the power of the subconscious mind can be extremely strong.

I believe that each one of us has within us an immense store of possibilities and capacities, way beyond our imagination. By tapping into that well, we unleash powerful forces for change and for spiritual and emotional transformation. In general, most clients I've met have low self esteem, which tend...

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New Way to Overcome Obstacles

For 25+ years we have been helping people to use techniques from our Transformation System for quick and lasting relief from anxiety, fear, worry, feeling stuck or blocked, migraines and IBS.  Our system clears out or re-programs the unconscious programming that is a the root of many of these symptoms.  

For 2014 we have added a new effective way to get help.  It is called Relaxation Hypnosis, and even if you are not able to come to our offices in New York or New Jersey you can benefit from these sessions.  

Relaxation Hypnosis can help you to overcome obstacles so you can find serenity within yourself.    In our three year pilot project using this method we have found that it works.  Our clients who have tried this type of hypnosis are delighted with the results  They are cost effective because they can be done as a group with one of our licensed health professional (PhD, LCSW, LPC, LMHC).  

For 2014 we have added the newest mem...

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