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Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach Interviewed on

How One Person Can Change The World.” Interview series with Stanley Bronstein on

Cali Estes, Founder of The Addictions Coach and The Addictions Academy was Stan’s guest on Tuesday, to talk about how she is shaking up the addictions recovery field. In the interview, Cali discusses what motivated her early on, and confesses that the addictions field was not where she saw herself working. (Hint: Think more along the lines of Clarice Starling in Silence of The Lambs).

Cali talks about her approach with clients as a combination of psychotherapy and coaching. Essentially, determine the root cause of the problem, process it, and then move on. Cali doesn’t dwell on the past with her clients, rather focuses on the present actions they need to take to change the behavior. Therapy shouldn’t take years to see a behavior change according to Cali, and actually tells her clients to “Fi...

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AUTISM can be managed with the help of the Quantum Biofeedback. Would you like piece of mind, and peaceful Family enviroment ? No drugs, only natural way to help your child.

It is very much possible to live a better life for those who suffer from Autism. Don't give up ... Autism can be helped, you just need to find it.  It is for you and your child benefit to try Quantum Biofeedback.

Very Individual brain wave therapies and emotional balancing can help your child become calm and balanced, increasing Attention and Memory and reduce Hyperactivity without the use of dangerous drugs.

  Very effective Biofeedback therapies can change everything for the better.

Also additionally to the Biofeedback, very powerful natural supplement available for any Mental Health problem...

Learning Dissability, Memory, Focus, Insomnia, Depression, Alzheimer's Disease, Senile Dementia, Parkinson,

ADD, ADHD, Autism, MS, CP, Brain atrophy, Development delays, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, M...

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Don't Tell Me To Stop Training!

Here you come with with a limp and a grimace into the doctor's office. Your haunted look says it all: ice, anti-inflammatory drugs and electro stimulation therapy have collectively done little to blunt the leg pain. Your doctor knows what’s coming next and how he would like to respond. However, fidelity to his Hippocratic Oath trumps the impulse to run and hide underneath his desk. The first imploring words out of your mouth are: “Doc, I’ve been training for six months to run/bike/swim/ a PR in this upcoming race. I’m soooooooo close to reaching my goal. I can’t stop training now. You’ve gotta help me!”

Meanwhile, you're walking on your injured leg as if it is a poorly fitted prosthesis. Common sense dictates that you wave the white flag of frustration and disappointment, ask for a hug and then, drown your sorrows in a few pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream until you can accept a few weeks of enforced idleness. Maybe then you will seize t...

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Need for Disclosure

Cognitive behavior therapy. Not an old adage, not archaic, nor narrow. In
order to understand an individual and their choices and the behaviors that
follow, you must recognize their behaviors or choices involve all aspects
of the brain, the individual’s interaction with their environment, and
the various components of their life from birth to the current age of the
person. Specifically, drug and sex offenders, develop their behaviors based on numerous
factors. It all begins from their first experiences in life. As they grow
and interact with their environment (people, places, situations, parents,
schools, church etc) their behaviors or choices are made based upon how
they perceive their behaviors, other people’s behaviors and the results
of their choices. Many things interact during choices such as brain
chemistry, the pleasure, displeasure, and how each person perceives good or
bad feelings, choices, etc.

A therapeutic alliance is formed with the client first and foremost before
any a...

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Go home Bieber, Miami is not Chateau Marmont!

Train wreck Bieber hits Miami like a Hurricane…and gets a wake up call in a Miami jail cell. Justin Bieber’s baby face won’t help him in Miami Beach Jail, neither will signing an autograph. Miami is known for its party atmosphere and those that can keep up with the lifestyle. Those that can’t get a babysitter or stay home. Miami is not Chateau Marmont! Maybe the conditions of the jail cell will give him a wake up call…probably not, this kid is on the fast track to a River Phoenix episode.

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Ask The Expert:

QUESTION: ”I know you work with athletes, dealing with their issues in drugs, alcohol, guns, gambling, women and anger. What do you different with them that you don’t do with other people?” Alex C., New York, New York

ANSWER: ”When I work directly with athletes, we focus on them as individuals. We focus on their talents on the field or court and work with them when their head is in the game and out. We handle all the issues and concerns that are specific to them and their career. We also deal with anger management and things that are relevant to them, like taking guns into nightclubs and domestic violence. So it is specific and individualized. You can find more about us on

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Learning to Steer

In George Bernard Shaw's Man and Superman, the Devil asks Don Juan why he bothers learning about himself and his core motivation. Don Juan replies: "Why, to be able to choose the line of greatest advantage instead of yielding in the direction of the least resistance. And there you have our difference: to be in hell is to drift, to be in heaven is to steer."

If you do not steer, your actions will be dependent upon the cause-and-effect principles that define the path of least resistance, rather than by your interests and principles. For example, the Problem of Immediate Gratification [the PIG] refers to the principle that a small but immediate payoff has a much greater influence on motivation, and behavior, than a larger but delayed payoff. The PIG tricks people — even those who know better — to trade what is dear to them [health, wealth, relationships] for the trivial but immediate payoff of using an addictive incentive.

While escaping an addictive trap is much more diffic...

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Toronto Mayor Ford Says: "I'm Not An Addict!" -Just Too Drunk To Remember Smoking Crack

After being mocked mercilessly on "Saturday Night Live," Toronto Mayor Rob Ford sat down with the "Today" show for an interview that aired Tuesday, telling Matt Lauer he doesn't actually remember smoking crack cocaine in his now infamous "drunken stupor," but that he is nonetheless fit to lead.
"I can't even remember it," Ford said of his crack use caught on video. "I was very, very inebriated."
“I’m embarrassed," Ford said. “Not just myself, my family, my friends, my supporters, the whole city. I take full responsibility for it. We've all made mistakes. I’m not perfect. Maybe you are, maybe other people are, [but] I've made mistakes.”
The interview was broadcast a day after a raucous City Council meeting in which Ford blasted lawmakers and knocked over a councilwoman before being stripped of more powers in the wake of his crack admission.
"What happened today, that's dictatorship and it's all personal," Ford told ABC News Monday. "All they did was stab me in ...

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Teen Shooting In Pittsburgh Linked To Previous Assault and Drugs

Police believe the shooting might stem from a drug-related fight between some students last month.

PITTSBURGH —Three teenage boys were wounded on Wednesday when a 16-year-old allegedly opened fire near a Pittsburgh high school in a bid to exact revenge for a fight that took place at the school a month ago, police said.

The three victims, one aged 16 and two aged 17, were not cooperating with investigators, police said. The head of Pittsburgh Emergency Medical Services, Mark Bocian, said their injuries were not life-threatening.

“This whole incident … may have been related over something that happened a month ago,” said Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Diane Richard after speaking with officials at Brashear High School, near where the shooting took place.

Richard said a fight at the school on October 18th “quite possibly could be drug-related.”

Police arrested a 16-year-old on attempted homicide, aggravated assault and other charges stemming from t...

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NFL Player needs Anger Management Coach and More. Bullying Stems From Alcohol Addiction

Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito has found himself in the center of a national firestorm, and the chief reason might be his abuse of alcohol

Richie Incognito and alcohol are, by most appearances, a toxic mix.

As more details of his past behavior emerge, there is growing evidence that many of the decisions that wrecked Incognito’s reputation, and possibly his career, were made while impaired.

The most notorious example: The profanity-laced and racially charged voicemail he left on Jonathan Martin’s phone. The message has become Exhibit A in the case that Incognito, at the very least, emotionally abused his teammate.

“I don’t think it was a secret that Richie liked to go out and have a good time,” Dolphins offensive tackle Tyson Clabo said. “And I’m sure that we’ve all gone out and had a few too many and called somebody and don’t even remember what we said on the voicemail.”

Now, the sum...

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