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7 Things to Get Rid Of That Will Instantly Ease Your Nerves


Modern life is full of “conveniences” that are supposed to make life easier, but often end up making life more stressful. If you want to lead a lower-stress life—and as a result be happier and healthier—you can start by discarding some of these stress-makers.


The constant ringing, texting and browsing the Internet can be stressful and result in frayed nerves. Recent research has shown that smartphones can increase stress. The irony? It’s not because they’re being used for business. Using smartphones for business is at least neutral from a stress standpoint, but when people use it for personal relationships, they become obsessed with checking and responding to emails and social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. The result is a constantly heightened sense of social anxiety.

Background Noises

Although some people may get relaxation from white noise generators and other types of background noise, other people may actually be stressed o...

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Taking Child's Pose

Have you ever taken a yoga class? If so, then you are surely aware of one of the most basic poses – Child’s Pose. When taking this pose, you are folded over your knees, forehead of the ground and arms and hands either flat by your sides or stretched out in front of you. I understand it to be a resting pose – used when you need to take a break from the current flow of the class. You might be too tired, you might have noticed a pain somewhere in your body, you might simply not want to do the current pose that the rest of the class is doing. So you opt out and take Child’s Pose.

Child’s Pose is a legitimate asana – or body position. Every yoga teacher I know speaks of Child’s Pose as a fantastic option. They often will direct me and my other classmates to ‘take Child’s Pose.’ But they also point out that this position is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength, intuition, and self-care. Knowing when you’ve pushed yo...

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6 Tips for a Good Night's Rest


We all know that sleep is vitally important, but we’re just beginning to understand how important. For example, recent research has shown that during sleep our brain removes chemicals that damage the brain and may lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Sleep also helps us overcome trauma to resume a more normal life.

But getting sleep is hard. Even those of us that spend the recommended amount of time in bed often sleep an hour and a half less than we think. Here are some tips that can help you maximize your sleep every night.

Keep a Sleep Schedule

Experts suggest going to bed and getting up the same time every day, even on days off, weekends, and holidays. Our bodies have an internal clock that helps prepare us for sleep and for wakefulness, and maintaining a consistent bedtime encourages your body to produce sleep hormones at the right time so that you spend less time tossing and turning before you fall asleep.


Exercise is good for just about everything, including s...

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New Guided Meditation for Healthy Weight Loss

Join Rev. Tracy L. Cox, B. Msc., IMM, CIMM for a guided meditation designed to assist you in healthy weight loss. Guided meditation can bring incredible benefits to everyone by helping us control our behaviors on a subconscious level. Please enjoy this free meditation, and for more information on Rev. Tracy's pastoral and spiritual caregiving services, please see her website at .


Free recorded meditation here:


Have a fantastic week!


Rev. Tracy Cox

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Grounding and Finding Your Center: 4 Ways to Step into Spirit, Ground Out, & Find Your Inner Balance

Many times we hear about finding our center, grounding ourselves, reaching balance in areas of our lives. In this blog I want to share with you my personal journey that led me to grounding, as well as 4 simple ways you can learn to ground in your own life.

For many years, I dealt with anxiety and had been diagnosed with panic disorder. I lived disconnected from my body and excluded from the world. My anxiety peaked in my undergraduate years of college at rapid speed. I sought therapist after therapist to help me with this unique phobia. As I grew older, my spirituality started to grow with me. I tried various alternative therapies, as well as psychotherapy to help me get this anxiety and panic under control. I was tired of it ruling my life. I avoided people, places, and things that would trigger me. Nothing seemed to help long enough and I would go back to having panic attacks. After many therapists, I found a therapist who helped me reach some level of control. She encouraged techni...

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Guided Meditation Gathering at Hillary House, Aurora Ont. Mar. 20th, 7:30pm

Please join us at Historic Hillary House in Aurora Ontario on Thursday, March 20th at 7:30 pm for a guided healing meditation, designed to correct your energy and allow you to manifest true health and prosperity on deep metaphysical levels. The program will be accompanied by relaxing meditation music, and will be presented from a Metaphysical Science Wellness approach. Everyone will benefit from the healing energy, no matter what their belief systems.

In this session, we will focus on the energy of the Spring Equinox, with its infinite potential for renewal and new beginnings. We will begin the session with a quick lesson on meditation, and finish with a question and answer period.

Please join meditation facilitator Tracy L. Cox, B. Msc., IMM, CIMM and tap into this energy at Hillary House, 15372 Yonge St. Aurora, Ontario.

Tickets: 20.00 per person

To purchase a ticket please email , or cash at the door. Please see our website at http://www.d...

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Booker T. Washington & Chocolate Cake: Real World Advice on Coping with Depression & Loneliness

Coping with depression, loneliness, and feelings of hopelessness can feel like a solitary activity. When we feel these ways, we often have the impression that we’re on our own. I recently asked my Facebook friends how they get through difficult times – an effort of mine to get more ideas as a therapist and to also help people feel more connected at a time when it’s hard to feel love from others. I received many replies and have published portions of each one. Following are the final comments I received from my friends. I hope you find these as meaningful as I have.

One friend commented on living long-term with depression: As a PTSD sufferer, depression is a constant companion. Honestly, I struggle each time something comes up and it’s always fresh and new, so I have to learn each time. Bouts from PTSD can last two days to 6 months. Sometimes it’s just about being calm and quiet and resting more than seems normal. Other times I need to exercise and burn of...

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Might as well do the dishes: Real World Advice on Coping with Depression & Loneliness

About a month ago, I posed a question to my Facebook friends, asking them how they cope with periods of depression, loneliness, and hopelessness. I received many wonderful, honest responses. Studies have shown that therapy and counseling are an effective ways to deal with depression. But I know that there are others ways too. So, I continue to share with you the variety of ways people get through the tough days, months, and years.

One friend said the following, quoting Lewis Carroll who wrote, ” Either the well was very deep, or he fell very slowly, for he had plenty of time as he went down to look about him and to wonder what was going to happen next.”: I pray, write and wait till the journey through the looking glass is over… and then I try to remember where I left off.

Another friend gets through these periods by focusing on where she is needed and releasing emotions: I try to focus on why I am needed now…2 children, so I must continue the commute to and ...

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Addiction Recovery In Paradise Setting: Concierge Private Villa Retreat

Cali Estes partners with Moffitt Wellness Retreat to offer:

Concierge Private Villa Retreat

Addiction Recovery In Paradise. Concierge Private Villa Retreat. At The Addictions Coach we offer Unique, One on One Addiction Therapy in a remote location with serene environment in a shorter time period than traditional drug and alcohol treatment centers.

A Private Concierge Style Retreat. We offer one on one addiction therapy, Recovery Coaching and Stress and Anxiety Management in 7-15 days instead of sitting in a rehab for 28. You will fly into a private celebrity location where you will experience a serene and comfortable environment to get to the underlying causes of your drug addiction or alcohol addiction and stress and anxiety issues. We work one on one with you, offering private addiction therapy services in an accelerated pace so you can return to your life faster and with more tools to deal with your underlying stressors. After completion of time with us you can have your own sobe...

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Dance Party for One: Real World Advice on Coping with Depression & Loneliness, Part II

Feeling depressed, lonely, and hopeless are not unusual emotional experiences for many of us. Yet it is something we rarely talk about in public or with our friends. We read books – often in the solitude of our homes – which can be helpful. But books connect us in a different way then discussion. In an effort to destigmatize this part of life, I asked my personal Facebook friends for their thoughts on how they cope when they find themselves in difficult emotional states. Here’s the second installment of their lovely responses.

One friend offered some uncommon advice, going against the Washington, DC work ideal of staying busy: I get through by remembering that the bad/low time ends eventually, trying to sleep more (i.e. just let myself be exhausted and not try to push myself through, which is what society is often saying I should do), seeking support from friends/loved ones, get things done first thing in the day when I usually have energy even when in a depression.


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