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Authenticity in my practice

Starting my own hypnotherapy practice has been anything but straightforward. As with anything new, I'm struggling to find my own voice and a clear path. It seemed so simple at first.

Authenticity and transparency are qualities that I have struggled to embody in my life and my relationships. I'm a child of the 60s and, as an impressionable teenager, I assimilated many of the core beliefs of the hippy generation: An anti-establishment, anti-capitalistic, almost anarchic philosophical and political stance; a strong belief in the goodness and power of people; respect of people's freedom and the reality of their experience. My spiritual life has been a patchwork of Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist beliefs and, at this point, I'm pragmatic with no religious affiliations. The Universe is impersonal and is ruled by certain laws. If I allow negativity to rule my life, I will attract more of the same. If I allow positivity to guide me, like attracts like.

As an entrepreneur, how can I reconcile being s...

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Teaching Kids: To Know God

Parents may at times feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of teaching their children about all there is to know about being a human being, no the less about being a Christian. There is teaching “about” and there is teaching “to blindly believe in; two different things.

When they seek guidance on the subject many just feel further swamped. Relatives and friends are often happy to pass on their suggestions, but is that the version of God you truly want to teach your children? When it comes directly from you the parent you’re more aware of your vocabulary and any innuendo being passed on.

The Bible, on the other hand, provides parents not only reliable counsel on what to teach their children but also direction on how to teach them.

Join us as we look at four Bible-based recommendations for parents to teach their children about God.

Listen: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/modernliving/2014/05/06/teaching-kids-to-know-god



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Our Beliefs and Our Dreams

Our Beliefs and Our Dreams

We tell ourselves stories and convince ourselves of beliefs daily. We believe that life is difficult, that we must work hard to be successful and financially stable, that if we stop worrying about bad things, they will actually happen to us, and a variety of other beliefs. Why? You picked up these beliefs from other people, your parents, your friends, the media. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking and part of growing up is determining which of these beliefs are your own and which were passed on to you from someone else. In developing a sense of critical thinking, as a free human being you can decide which ones serve you and which to discard.

For any change or transformation that you want to make in your life, you must first visualize yourself doing or thinking or living that life you imagine. Any change that is not first visualized and believed will not stick. How can you change your life if you don’t believe that you can?

You must first dis...

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Summer Solstice Meditation for Positive Energy




Join Rev. Tracy L. Cox, B. Msc., IMM for a healing and energizing meditation, designed to take advantange of the upcoming Summer Solstice. Rev. Tracy is a Ontario Wedding Officiant, as well as a Pastoral Counsellor. She is available for consultations in her Aurora office, or worldwide by phone. Please see her website at www.divineheartcentre.ca for more info, and may you be blessed, today and in the eternal moment of always. 

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Unexpected results

What amazes most about hypnotherapy is that results can be positive in unexpected ways. Recently, I worked with 3 of my clients on issues ranging from self-confidence when speaking a new language, to reconnecting with their higher self to helping with insomnia.

I was surprised to hear back from them a week or so later. Each client told me that they had stopped smoking without even really trying; they simply no longer felt the urge. Also, their addiction to sugar had subsided to almost nothing.

I'm humbled by such amazing results because I have almost nothing to do with them. I am simply a guide to your inner kickass self! It's the dynamic between the hypnotherapist and the client that creates miracles. I truly enjoy being a hypnotherapist.


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Guided Meditation for Releasing Regret and Guilt

Join Rev. Tracy L. Cox for a guided meditation designed to overcome feelings of regret and guilt, as we will encounter in our spiritual journey. 






May you be blessed, now and in the Eternal Moment of Always. 

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The many ways in which hypnosis can help

The ways in which hypnosis can help are almost limitless.


Anxiety, Depression, Recurring Negative Thoughts

Each one of us experiences challenges in our daily lives. Some of these challenges can be triggered by life's events and our reactions to them. Some of them are deeply embedded in our inner emotional landscape. When in a hypnotic state, we can be made more aware of our subconscious beliefs and how they affect our thoughts and behaviors.


In our daily lives, we develop coping mechanisms in response to our stresses and emotional states. It can be smoking, nervous tics (nail biting, foot tapping etc.), overeating, or other self-defeating and unhealthy behaviors. Hypnosis can help by uncovering what triggers these behaviors at the source.

Soul or spirit

Some people believe that we came into our present bodies to bring spiritual light and vibrations to this denser, material reality. Hypnosis can help yus connect to your Higher Self and to learn to recognize its ...

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Fasting: An Exceptional Human Experience

As a psychotherapist, I often talk with people who have sacrificed self-care in lieu of other activities, usually work related. Many of them have either abandoned a spiritual practice or never had one. In these instances, part of my work is encouraging the development of such a practice.

It seems now—more than ever—people struggle to find meaning and significance in their lives. Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist Jack Kornfield (2001) said, “We live in disordered times, complicated, distracted, and demanding . . . Whether in prayer or meditation, in visualization, fasting, or song, we need to step out of our usual roles, out of the busy days on automatic pilot” (p. 26).

Just as there are different reasons for fasting, there are several definitions. Psychiatrist Len Sperry (2001) said fasting is used “as a means of weight loss, detoxification of the body for medical purposes, or as a spiritual practice. Done as a spiritual practice, fasting is defined ...

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Fasting and Anorexia Nervosa

Fasting is a practice that almost all eating disorders sufferers participate in, using it to manage weight and gain a feeling of control. The anorectic tends to have the most extreme fasting practices, whereas the bulimic usually fasts for shorter periods. Fasting among binge eaters and food addicts is sporadic, with some individuals using it more than others.

The primary treatment for eating disorders is counseling and psychotherapy. For a psychotherapist treating someone with an eating disorder, having a thorough understanding of the practice of fasting could be a useful standard of care. Without this knowledge, it becomes more difficult to decipher the patient’s motivations and defense mechanisms pertaining to fasting. For the anorectic who has abused fasting to the brink of death, examining her bond with fasting in psychotherapy—much in the same way an alcoholic would with alcohol—could play an important role in recovery.

For patients who have not abused the pra...

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Hypnosis and You

The power of hypnosis is incredibly subtle and quiet. Following a hypnosis session, changes began to happen at a level just below awareness because they are taking place in the subconscious mind. In my experience, clients forget that the changes started happening while in the hypnotic session and believe that they are occurring randomly.

The greatest satisfaction for me is to witness the clarity of recognition in clients as they become aware that our work began when the client decided to contact me to schedule an appointment. From that point onward, we became a team and the power of two people working towards a common goal using the power of the subconscious mind can be extremely strong.

I believe that each one of us has within us an immense store of possibilities and capacities, way beyond our imagination. By tapping into that well, we unleash powerful forces for change and for spiritual and emotional transformation. In general, most clients I've met have low self esteem, which tend...

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