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Letting your "EMOTIONS" Drive

Have you ever been in the passenger seat when someone with a “lead” foot is driving? It will either make your hair gray before its time or you will vow to never ride in another car as long as you live! Your hope is that you will make it to your destination in one piece! The reality is that when we allow our emotions to run our lives, we AGREE to sit in the passenger seat, WITHOUT a seatbelt, and hope for the best. This is crazy! But there are ways to get back into the driver’s seat. Check out how to do this!

The key is to remember that there is a balance between logical thinking and emotional thinking. People who don’t like to “lose their cool” often say that they don’t like to let their emotions take control. They often appear very cold, callous and unapproachable. At the other end of the spectrum is the individual, who blows their top at the slightest thing by yelling and screaming so that everyone will know how angry they are. This person usually yells so that others can hear them and they hope to influence them to avoid doing anything further to make them angry. Both of these individuals struggle with finding balance. Please be aware that when either logic or emotion are in extremes, it can prove to be very dangerous.

Letting your "EMOTIONS" Drive

HELP is available! Meeting with a counselor in a safe environment can be the very thing needed to help you to identify the problem areas and discover the SOLUTIONS to overcome this issue. With effective change, you will be on your way to living the life you desire!

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