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Make Your Story Count

There are three things that make up our state of being: What we do, what we feel and what we say. I'd like to focus on the latter. Many people will tell their story, good or bad, over and over, until that "story" becomes their life. If it's a good story, then this is wonderful! But what if it's a sad or painful story; Something that makes them unhappy? A better way to tell your "story" is while doing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT is a form of energy work that eliminates any blockages in our system. These blockages cause emotional or physical pain. Telling your "story" during EFT is different. It allows you to work through any issues in your story; to see your story in a new light and to reveal the truth about it. Telling your story while doing EFT is about being productive and making your story count!