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Setting Goals/Getting Souls

If you're like me, you've encountered the concept of goal setting countless times. The concept is simple: Set a goal, break it down into smaller steps and then, drum roll please, work at it until it happens. This is a fine plan and definitely works, especially for those people who are Type A personalities. But what about us Type B's? What is missing from the 'A' concept is the idea of openly accepting what God (the universe, the cosmic joker) has in store for us. It is all well and good to approach life methodically and be goal oriented but it could be preventing us from seeing the Big Picture. Never let your goals interfere with the idea that you are who you are, right here and now. Life is really what happens to us as we open up our hearts and minds to accepting what comes our way; realizing that with some positive thinking and a bit of effort, everything will turn out just fine.