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Thinking of Calling a Therapist?

I enjoy using metaphors with clients.  You may identify with the one below if you are thinking about calling a therapist, especially for the first time. 

Do you remember the scene in Indiana Jones and The Last Cruasade where Jones stood on a ledge overlooking a rocky canyon with no idea how to get across to the other side?  He was rather desparate and the situation looked rather hopeless.  Do remember what happened?  He hesitated.  He took a deep breathe. Then he tentatively stepped off of the ledge and into what looked to be his certain fall to doom.  But when he lowered his foot on that first time, a stone appeared under it.  It looked as if it was hanging suspened in space, who knows how?  The point is, it was there, something solid for him to stand on.  He was able to cross the canyon one step at a time, each time having to trust the next stone would be there because it would not appear until he stepped out.  He walked across unharmed.

So, what is the point of this you may ask.  Well, I think all of us reach points in our lives when we feel like we have come to a dead-end.   There is no apparent way over or through the challenge that we face.  I think of therapy like the stones that appeared when Jones had the courage to make one step and then another.  I have been privileged over my years as a therapist to encourage many clients who have bravely made their way from pain to peace.  The issues they faced were different, but the process was essentially the same.  So, take a deep breathe.  Pick up the phone.  Make that first step.  Call me for a free phone consultation.