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What goes on in the House stays in the house.

As a therapist, I have come to provide counseling services to men, women and children for at least 12 years. In that time, I have served the inner city population, military population, incarcerated population, affluent and military populations. You name it, I have worked with each social class, culture race, age etc. I do not claim to know everything there is to know about Domestic Violence and what it does to the human psyche. What I do know is that Violence is the second word that often gets forgotten in the description of Domestic Violence. What some people dont understand is that the pain of Violence in the home is often the most destructive cancer that plagues many people. Whether people observe it as a child or are abused themselves as a child or adult, the result is the same. The Violence warrants the act of secrecy and shame. If you talk about it, you may be threatened by death or the fear that you are responsible for the destruction of your family.

What goes on in the house is basicly sick individuals who are not seeking help and end up hurting the very people that they are supposed to love, accept and keep safe. The problem is that people are not educated enough about what to do when your own internal mechanisms break down and you no longer cope with good thought, effort or deed.

What goes on in the House stays in the house.

Violence whether it happens in the home or in the street is just that, VIOLENCE. It is in no way diminished in terms of the terror, injury or misfortune that it brings on the victims or the perpetuators. The only way out of a Violent situation is to act and accept that although bad things happen in this world, Violence is not acceptable. Reach out and get help. There are numbers you can call to ask if your situation is unhealthy. There are people who will not grimace when you talk about it. If you get a bad reaction to someone that is supposed to help you, keep talking but find someone who will listen.

The act of Violence breaks your spirit, shatters your soul and takes you to a place where people don't want to go. A place where you are faced with the fear of death, sometimes daily. The survivors of Violence are able to thrive again with the proper attention to this matter and access to the help that they need.