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Why Me?

I have had a series of physical mishaps recently. Nothing super serious, but annoying none the less. Like most people I might occasionally stop and ask, "why me?" It is okay to do this as long as it is not dwelled upon. What I am dwelling on is feeling better. Remember, everything happens for a reason. So what reason would I have for a strained lower back, strained calf, broken finger and foot pain? The answer is I truly do not know. (Being 52 years old might help provide some answers). However, I also know that God (Cosmic joker, the Universe, the Divine) only gives me what I can handle. Is this to say I'm taking this all in stride? I don't know; ask my wife that question! But am I focused on and fully expect a better tomorrow (with the help of eft, reiki and hypnosis of course)? You bet I do!!