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for Therapists in Edmonton, Alberta including Counselors & Psychologists

Each year, over 500,000 Albertans (approximately 16-percent of the population) receive care for at least one mental health condition from a physician. In a three-year period, 1 in 3 (33-percent) Albertans received treatment for a mental health condition from a physician. These numbers are above the national average in Canada and growing year-to-year. For many mental health disorders, it becomes necessary to seek treatment from a qualified professional. Luckily for those in Edmonton, Alberta, TherapyTribe features a number of qualified therapists who are qualified to treat a wide array of mental health issues.

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Michelle J. Buckle (Body & Soul Counselling and Consulting Services Ltd)

I believe that everyone has the ability to be creative, and it is through the creative process of using the arts and play that the client fully expresses and explores his/her self (feelings, thoughts, experiences, and behaviour).

Suite 204B 10544, 106 Street Edmonton, Alberta T5H 2X6

t: 780-757-TALK (8255)

f: 780-757-8253

w: Body & Soul Counselling and Consulting Services Ltd.

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Paul Brennan, RPsych, Psychologist

Welcome to change! I offer scientifically-based psychotherapy that is proven to be helpful in the long-term management of depression, anxiety and other concerns. Call me for a free consultation in Old Strathcona, Edmonton or online.

9562 82 AVE Edmonton Alberta Edmonton, Alberta T6C 0Z8

t: 780 217 6715

w: Paul Brennan, RPsych

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Roger Thiessen, BRS, M.Div, RPC (CPCA), Therapist

As a spiritually-oriented psychotherapist, I offer you a safe and serene environment, a one-hour retreat from the chaos of life. My goal is to listen attentively and compassionately. No labels or prescriptions. I bring a light sense of humour. I believe in the healing power of relationships.

#202, 10534-124 St Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1S1

t: (780)482-3711

w: Community Counselling Centre

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Amrita Bhar, M. Ed., R. Psych., Psychologist


111 Haddow Close Edmonton, Alberta T6R 3W3

t: 780-447-2878


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Kristine Aanderson, Registered Psychologist, Psychologist

I am here to listen and here to help you find the solutions you need to 'thrive', not just 'survive'. I value the creation of a comfortable, secure, 'worry-free' environment where people can feel safe in working through their problems without the fear of judgement.

2051 Leger Rd Edmonton, Alberta T6R 0R8

t: (780) 431-9623


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Dr. James Battle, Ph.D. R. Psych, Psychologist

I am, a former professional football player author of more than 30 books and The Culture Self-Esteem Inventories. My Self-Esteem Inventories correlate with depression, anxiety and suicidal behavior. I have provided psychological treatment and assessments for thousands of individuals.

#1102-10235-124 street Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1P9

t: 780-488-1362

f: 780-482-3332


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Dr. Joan Neehall, Ph.D, Therapist

Dr. Joan Neehall is a registered clinical psychologist with the College of Psychologists of British Columbia (R. Psych #922) and with the College of Alberta Psychologists (R. Psych #1579). She has diplomate status with the American Board of Forensic Examiners. She has been in practice since 1983.

Place 110, 10008 - 110 Street Edmonton, Alberta T5K 1J6

t: 780-488-7425

f: 780-482-1930

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Rosalyn Fung, M.Sc., Psychologist

Welcome! I enjoy working collaboratively with clients to discover new perspectives by exploring and creating awareness of clients' inner strengths and wisdom through their own mind, body and spirit. I specialize in Holistic Nutritional Psychology and facilitate body image groups I've created.

9853 90 Ave Edmonton, Alberta T6E 2T2

t: 780.468.1366 x 103

f: 780.468.1368

w: Holistic Body Love

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Dawn Israel-Compton, MA, Canadian Certified Counsellor, Counsellor/Therapist

I am committed to supporting you in reaching your goals and will work together with you. I hope that we will create a positive relationship with one another and I commit to listening to you, respecting you, and giving you the space you need to explore your thoughts and move towards solutions.

11144 82 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2L8

t: 780-413-4600

w: Blossom Counselling

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Akil Gulamhusein, BA, BSW, MSW, RSW, Clinical Social Work/Therapist

My focus is on providing support to my clients and prioritizing their goals. I value creating a culturally sensitive and non-judgemental environment where my clients can be candid. I am here to help and am available for free consultations. Appointments are generally available within 48 hours.

Cedars Professional Park 2937-66 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T6K 4C1

t: 780-800-5647

w: Medhya Counselling

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With nearly 1 in 3 persons in Alberta seeking treatment for mental health issues, and an unknown number more who are undiagnosed or untreated, it's clear that there's a problem that needs addressed pertaining to mental health in Alberta. Alberta Health Services (AHS) reports that these numbers -- while shocking -- are actually underestimates of the actual mental health problem facing the province of Alberta. AHS goes on to say that the numbers can never be accurate due to the individuals that don't use the socialized health care system and instead rely on treatment from private physicians or mental health therapists. The prevalence of disorders was mostly stacked in the favor of anxiety disorders (28.8-percent of all cases) -- such as generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, or phobias -- mood disorders (20.1-percent of all cases) -- such as clinical depression and bipolar disorder -- impulse control disorders (24.8-percent of all cases) -- such as sexual compulsion, kleptomania, and pyromania -- and substance abuse disorders (14.6-percent of all cases) -- such as alcohol or drug addiction.

The top five reasons Albertans sought medical help for mental illness were (in order):

        Developmental Disorders
          Substance Abuse
            Adjustment Disorders
              In addition, suicide is consistently a leading cause of death amongst Albertans. Suicide is responsible for more deaths each year in Alberta than many other high profile causes of death, such as: vehicle accidents, AIDs or homicide. Of ever 100,000 people in Alberta, 14.4 take their own life each year. The national average for Canada sits at slightly below 12 per 100,000. With a total of 473 suicides in Alberta in 2007, there is clearly a need for qualified mental health professionals.
              Suicide is often a symptom of a deeper psychological problem. Often stress, anxiety, depression or presences of mental health issues such as OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) or bipolar disorder are contributing factors to overall self-harm statistics. Many affected by these issues don't seek help, or don't receive the right kind of help in order to positively affect the struggles they face in their day-to-day life.  With a combination of therapy and often prescription drugs, all of these relatively common mental health conditions are treatable, and can restore balance to the lives of those affected. Finding a qualified mental health professional in Edmonton, Alberta isn't difficult, and choosing the right professional could just be the key to increasing your overall physical and mental well-being.