About Us - TherapyTribe Therapist Directory

In 2008, at the request of support community members, WebTribes Inc. launched a sixth tribe - a professional therapist directory - TherapyTribe. Using geo-targeting technology, TherapyTribe therapists are featured across the five community websites, offering support community members an easy way to search for a qualified therapist in their area.

Also good for therapists, this targeted approach combined with search marking techniques have allowed WebTribes Inc. to capitalize on current web traffic and drive proven results for Therapist members. Learn the benefits of listing your practice.

WebTribes Inc., the leading provider of online community websites designed to bring people together from around the world in need of support. Each online community offers members a convenient and safe place to connect. Founded in 2006, WebTribes communities have quickly become the top support destination for those isolated by their illness. In February 2008, WebTribes was featured in the American Psychological Associations publication, "Monitor on Psychology."

WebTribes communities: DepressionTribe.com | AnxietyTribe.com | OCDTribe.com | AddictionTribe.com | HIV/AidsTribe.com

To learn more about WebTribes Inc, visit our corporate website at www.webtribes.com.