How to Write a Therapist Blog: Drive More Clients to Your Profile

Interested in Writing a Therapist Blog?

Why Blog on TherapyTribe? Contributing to our therapist blogs section can increase your professional visibility, credibility as well as drive additional viewers to your therapist profile. Every blog you write is an opportunity for you to showcase your expertise, give an explanation of your approach and begin developing that all important therapist/client relationship.

Additionally, since every blog page becomes another webpage it becomes an opportunity to rank well for a specific search topic that your clients are searching for now as well as in the future. We also feature our therapist blogs throughout TherapyTribe on high traffic search pages, and broadcast them to our social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter.

In short, every blog you write can increase your profile views as well as the likeliness a client will select you as their therapist. So what are you waiting for? Before you start, here are some tips on writing an effective blog - so search engines can find it and people will read it!

5 Simple Steps to Writing an Effective Therapist Blog

5 steps: How to Write a Therapist Blog.

Think like a client.

Be sure to pick a topic that is focused on a potential client problem. Narrow your focus in a way that will be meaningful to your target audience and provide sufficient details such as self help strategies, symptoms, treatment options, etc. Tip: turning your blog into a "Dear Abby" style post or a numbered lists can help make a topic more engaging and generate more click-thru's.

Use keywords properly.

Pick a therapist specialty that you want to highlight about your practice and craft your blog topic with this "keyword phrase" in mind. Just remember to use healthy moderation. Applying keywords in meaningful ways is equally as important as frequency. Use of the keyword phrase and its synonyms must feel natural to the reader. As a general guide: your blog should be at least 450 words, with the keywords distributed throughout the content evenly.

Make your title work for you.

Search engines give more weight to the first few words in a title. Make sure your title is descriptive, compelling and contains your keyword phrase. Tip: Use a colon, Managing Anxiety: How to Get Through the Work Day. Or, add a your numbered list to the title, 10 Tips on Managing Anxiety.

Create an original blog.

It is important each blog you write is unique to the website you write it for. Do not copy a blog you have posted elsewhere on the web. Duplicate blogs have the potential to cannibalize one another in search results.

Share your blog on social networks.

Once you've spent the time to create a thoughtful and specialized blog share your hard work with your colleagues. Social sharing can increase your overall visibility on a particular area of expertise, drive potential referrals as well as help the actual blog page gain traction in search engines immediately. Use the "Share this Blog" feature in the Therapist Blog section to broadcast your work on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Note: If you add an image to your blog post you will be able to share on Pinterest as well, however please be sure you have the proper rights to use the photo you choose.

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