25 Relationship Questions To Strengthen Your Marriage

Marriage Counseling Can Improve Relationships

Have you ever worked with a marriage counselor? 

What was your experience like?

Working with a marriage counselor gives you and your partner the opportunity to heal past wounds, create a safe space to share thoughts and feelings, support each other’s goals and ambitions, and come together to build a united life.

How Relationship Can Improve Your Relationship

  • Learn to communicate effectively and in a manner that feels genuine.
  • Practice forgiveness while removing resentment.
  • Effective conflict resolution to bring you and your partner together.
  • Address root issues that cause hurt to the relationship.
  • Improve physical and emotional intimacy by learning how to connect deeply with your partner.
  • Build healthy practices and habits that improve the health of the relationship.


I want to share with you relationship questions that can improve your relationship. If possible, give yourself time and space. Dedicate time each week to communicate and connect with your partner.

25 Questions To Strengthen Your Relationship

  1. What is the mission statement for the relationship?
  2. What is your definition of commitment?
  3. What is your definition of betrayal?
  4. What values did you bring into the relationship?
  5. What values are actively worked on in the relationship?
  6. How do you connect with others?
  7. How do you deal with stress?
  8. Have you ever felt ignored in the relationship?
  9. What does relationship dissatisfaction mean to you?
  10. When did you realize that you wanted to live your life with me?
  11. Have you ever felt jealous of me?
  12. What do you complain about?
  13. What do you put a lot of energy into?
  14. How do you celebrate special occasions?
  15. Do you feel the need to be in control?
  16. What makes you feel that you are a priority?
  17. What practices have improved the relationship?
  18. What habits have hurt the relationship?
  19. Who in the relationship is good at the vocal expression of feelings and thoughts?
  20. What is your love language and is it being met?
  21. How do you express complicated emotions or feelings?
  22. How do you express anger or sadness in the relationship?
  23. Do you value actions or words more?
  24. Did you have a home that supported emotional expression?
  25. What does a happy marriage mean to you?


I hope that the questions work to bring you together. To give you and your partner space to build and strengthen the relationship.

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