25 Relationship Questions You Must Ask Your Partner

One of the most common reasons that couples reach out to me for relationship counseling is communication. Now what you want to be aware of us is that there is verbal and non-verbal communication.

  • Some couples struggle with judgment or being too critical of the other. This can be connected to non-verbal communication. Such as when one partner reads the “face” of the other and makes an “incorrect” assumption.
  • There are couples that reach out to me because they struggle with verbal communication. This can be seen as having a difficult time expressing their thoughts and feelings or avoiding deep conversation.


I want you to think about your relationship. Below are 25 relationship questions that can improve communication in your relationship. Give them a try.

  1. What are 10 random facts about me?
  2. Why did I pick my career path?
  3. Would you change anything about yourself?
  4. Describe a fun date?
  5. Describe a date that builds your arousal?
  6. What are my triggers?
  7. Which friend(s) continue to impact who you are?
  8. When you want me sexually, how do you feel?
  9. How often do I need space versus wanting to share space with you?
  10. What are the 5 items on my bucket list?
  11. When I touch you, like a hug or kiss, how do you feel?
  12. What is a recurring problem you are having?
  13. Who taught you to problem solve?
  14. When you feel stuck, do you reach out for help or try to do it yourself?
  15. Do you find it easy or challenging to forgive others?
  16. How do you know if I am sad?
  17. I’m away from you, such as at work. How do you feel?
  18. If I could have lunch with anyone that has passed, it would be?
  19. How do you know if I am upset?
  20. Which job continues to influence who you are today?
  21. What is my top love language?
  22. What is one lesson you learned from a past relationship?
  23. One of my pet peeves is?
  24. Have you ever hated someone?
  25. How has this relationship supported your growth in life?
  26. What did It feel like when you first said I love you?

If you are ready for couples counseling, contact me. I’d love to work with you and your partner. Together we can create a structured plan to move you forward. My goal is to give you the tools that you need to heal and grow your relationship.