The KEY to heal insecure attachment in relating

First of all what is insecure attachment ?
It is when there is a difficulty of hardship around feeling safe, stable, at ease and at peace in the area of intimacy and relationships.

This can show up as being stuck in a pattern of sabotaging relationships , having poor communication , commitment issues , push and pull dynamics that are emotionally draining . Overall instability within relationships.

The KEY is…


The fear of vulnerability is what leads to acting out of alignment with one’s deepest desires and authentic truth.

The struggles around being vulnerable is what makes being authentic hard.

The blockages and defences someone has to prevent them from having to be vulnerable (truly seen, felt and heard) comes from a place of protection .

Protection that feels necessary due to PAST hurts .

The past is the past though , and through therapy and processes that increase self awareness and compassion a person can start moving out of this pattern.

It starts with the practice of being vulnerable with one self . Are you running away from your emotions or opportunities that enable a deepening of intimacy?

Then maybe you are still holding onto the past in some way.

A better future is possible .
– Therapy
– Meditation
– Openly talking about it

Are good places to start.

As a Transpersonal Holistic Counsellor I can support you in this journey.

Once you begin it is like opening a can of worms . Because we will explore all the reasons and stories behind your fears of vulnerability and we will debunk them to create a new way together. Experiencing healthy fulfilling relationships are possible for everyone. But it requires vulnerability and it starts with becoming more intimate and vulnerable with yourself.

The processes I take people through are done with a lot of grace . Because I understand how painful and uncomfortable it can be.
So I have some powerful spiritual tools and blessings that I give to my clients to cope with the healing and “emotional surgery” .

Reach out if you feel a resonance or am simply ready to shift .