If we are feeling stressed, stuck, or confused, we have an innate wisdom inside of us that we can use to guide us back to clarity and direction.

The first step in connecting with this inner guidance system is to take in a few slow and deep breaths to ground yourself back into the present moment. Inner guidance can only be connected to if we are present with it, and our body sensations are the key that will open the door for insight and wisdom to flow.

When you are present with your inner body sensations right now, then your awareness is now open and available to connect with life and the information it has for you in your current experience of it. From this place of conscious grounded presence you can tap into life guidance through your inner intuitive connection with it. This will allow you to flow with life more creatively, productively, and harmoniously in the moment as it happens.

From this place of being connected with life, all we have to do now is to ask for guidance to be able to receive the answers that will guide us into our next step.


Here is a short 3:48 min video on my website I did on this topic:  




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