We often think of meditation as sitting in a particular posture, and breathing a certain way. It is not solely methodical. Meditation is a state of focusing called presence, and in presence our senses become solely involved with the thing, person, or animal of contact. Or, we may be solely present within the self or person. Eyes may even be shut, and we begin by listening to and feeling our breathing. In breathing we become empty of all thoughts and emotions save for the object of focus or, if not an object outside of our being, we enter into our very being and bosom. In its darkness we totally sense nothing. As we rest with waiting within, we enter into the depth of our being, the bosom and heart, from which emerges a knowing beyond knowing, healing beyond healing, and virtue.   Waiting is rest, not a waiting of time. Rest is stillness from which comes peace and certainty.  Once in this state, we may pray. This is what Jesus means, when he tells us to go into our closet and pray.