People are looking for ways to be safe, healthy, and experience peace, joy and fulfillment in life.

When you reduce stress, you reduce cortisol and open the door for your body to move towards the optimal immune response available to you.

The #1 way to boost your natural immunity is to lower stress.

You do have much more control over this ability than you may believe.

Stress raises cortisol, inflammatory markers, adrenaline, causes inflammation (and inflammation is one side effect of the coronavirus).

Continued stress can lead to panic, feelings of helplessness, loss of control, and ultimately lead to totally irrational behavior.

So the benefits of lowering stress at this time are infinite.

What if we use this time to protect the body and develop new ways of living, that go beyond this experience we are having right now?

Here are some very simple ways to lower stress and boost your immune system’s capability, to safeguard you against the influence of infection and disease.

Top 10 Ways to Lower Stress and Boost Your Immune System

  1. Turn off the news! – Get the info you need, then, stop watching.
  2. Deep, slow, breathing – into the belly, stimulates the vagus nerve, and sends a signal to the brain that ‘you are safe’.
  3. Restful Sleep – allows the body to heal and rejuvenate.
  4. Focused Fun – spend moments of time doing something you enjoy: reading, writing, painting, singing, chanting, listen to music, learn a new language.
  5. Guided Meditation – listen to recordings, or schedule a guided meditation with a practitioner, brings many benefits.
  6. Hypnosis – has been proven to lower stress and 15 min of being in a hypnotic state is equivalent to the benefits of hours of sleep.
  7. Emotional Freedom Technique – working with a practitioner use this meridian tapping to release stressful emotions and fear.
  8. Movement – as simple as walking, dancing in the living room, cleaning the house. Movement takes you out of stress.
  9. Distance Gazing – a phenomena of the neurology, by gazing off into the distance for a moment to relax (vs staring at electronic gadgets up close) this changes your neurology to enter a more relaxed and peaceful state (reducing those inflammatory markers)
  10. Connection- yes, even in quarantine, there are ways to connect – electronically – and – physically when safe.  Contact someone who would be happy to receive your connection, uplight their spirits, boost their immune system and boost your own immune system too! (you could also Send them a link to this article!)