Be the Possibility!

Most people want success, happiness, good health, joy, love and harmonious relationships in their lives. But the problem is that most people do not receive these things, and they think that it is just not possible for them. This kind of thinking is the kind of thinking that will block it out even more.

You see when you want something, and it can be anything, we have to be in the receptive mode to receive it. You might be wondering, what is the receptive mode and how do I get into it? Well this is an easy answer, but not an easy mode to get into. You see when we are overloaded with negative circumstances, for example a job you do not like going to, miserable and complaining coworkers, a difficult boss, irritable kids, bad news all around, it makes it extremely difficult to get into and more importantly stay in the receptive mode. So what is the receptive mode? It is when you are BEING open, expansive and generally in a positive and joyful state, where you expect the good. You see when you are in this open mode, you will be open to opportunities, creative ideas, in other words….possibilities.

The problem is that we get caught up in what is all around us, the negative situation we do not like, and this directly effects how we are being, which equals our energetic frequency. Our frequency will attract circumstances into our life that match it.

 So if you are walking around in a depressed, irritable and negative emotional state, you will receive more of that….situations, people, conditions and experiences that match that frequency. That really stinks….right?!?! Yes, but also no, because this is because of the fact that WE ARE CREATORS!

 This means that we and YOU create more of what you are BEING. So in order to get that awesome job or business that you want, the money and success you want to create and experience and the love that you would love to have, YOU have to BE it NOW. You have to BE IT to receive it.

So the first thing that you want to do is to start noticing the things in your life that you appreciate, and let yourself really FEEL the appreciation for these things. This is the first step in getting into the receiving mode. Feel good about the things that you have, and make it a habit to consciously appreciate these things. You have to make it part of the new you. You are ultimately creating a new you, a new happier you in order to receive the new things you want. Remember what I just said, you have to BE it first to receive it.

Believe that it is possible to have the things you want.  Being open, ask the Universe, or God, or whatever name you want to give to the most powerful energy that creates life, “What would it take to have a job or start a business that I love?” Ask and let yourself receive the answer.