Healthy boundaries in life protect us & keep us safe. They define who we are in relation to others. They allow us to connect with ourselves & be in control. Setting boundaries is about giving yourself support and empowerment. We all have limits, & boundaries communicate this. The question is do we know what are our boundaries? Many people don’t.  The first step is to know who you are & what matters to you. Make the boundaries about you & how beneficial they will be to your well-being.  Communicate them clearly as people will test them. Let your behaviour be your voice. It can be difficult to confront people & speak up for yourself. We are too often afraid of others reactions. Setting boundaries improves our self-esteem, our independence & helps us grow. 

It is not your responsibility to fix others.

It is OK to say NO without feeling guilty

You have a right to your own feelings Your happiness depends only on yourself

It is OK to put yourself first

You are entitled to exit any situation you are not comfortable with

You are enough