Depression exist on a large scale , whether you are mildly or severely depressed there tends to be a feeling of sadness, heaviness and stagnation that weighs on you constantly.
And if you are going through this don’t worry you are not alone. According to statistics 1 in 4 Australians between the ages of 16-85 will experience a mental illness at some point of their lives, depression being a common one.
Why is depression is common?
When approaching this topic from a holistic perspective most people in the western society live their ego. A state of wellbeing considers the mind, body and spirit.
Most people are stuck in their mind and live from the mind.
The mind contains the ego which are the thoughts, beliefs and conditionings formed from your childhood upbringing and society’s projections (via mass media, school and peers etc.) .
The ego is the not the true self , the ego is just a system and collection of thoughts that may not even come from you – rather it may be mostly projections from others.
The ego is not bad ,it is essential to fit in and feel a sense of belonging, it gave you a sense of safety in the world. Your ego was probably very beneficial to you…
Until you got to the stage of being independent enough to form your own unique identity.
When you enter this stage of independence the walls can come down and your spirit will call you to get real with yourself…
Your true self and realities beyond the ego can only be hidden and repressed for so long until it forces you to slow down and come back to yourself.
The process of depression can be seen as dying of the false self or ego.
You are being called to get real with your life and become who you are truly are, underneath all the conditionings.
Are you living the life YOU want, or are you living the life your parents or society wants?
Breaking through depression takes
courage to follow your truest desires and radical honesty towards yourself .
To begin the process of mental and emotional reconstruction to release false beliefs and to come back to being authentically you , shoot me an email
In Your Honour and Service,