Managing your stress level is very important for your general well being. The breath is the bridge between the body and mind. Inhalation and exhalation are the vehicles through which prana – the vital force travels in the body.


Sage Patanjali the codifier of yoga science, explaining that we can coordinate and quiet the mind by practicing the science of breath. Breath awareness allows us to create an undisturbed and joyous mind, when the breath begins to flow freely through both nostrils the mind literally attains a state of joy and calmness. 


When our mind is strengthened, it is much easier to turn our attention inward, the breath and mind are interdependent.




  • Sit in a comfortable posture or even lying down
  • Slowly bring your awareness to your breath, remember to naturally breathe, when the mind begins to follow the flow of the breath we become aware of deeper reality within.
  • Diaphragmatic breathing, allow your lungs to expand fully with inhalation and to be emptied more completely on the exhalation.
  • As you inhale, think of the person/incident that made you upset or stressed, as you exhale just let it go with the breath, do it very mindfully, repeat it for at least 4 minutes.
  • Bring your attention back again to your natural breath, take a moment to reflect upon and resume your work.


Just by being aware of your breath, you can restore the well being of your life, stress and strain of daily life has distorted your natural breathing rhythms, you have to consciously re establish this normal process.