In what ways do we try to shrink ourselves, physically and emotionally to try and fit in? What are ways that we can once again claim space in the world?

It is BodyRespect week on Body Sovereign Sunday and our topic is Claiming Space. So many of us live our lives in a shrunken state. We cave ourselves inward and try to make ourselves small as to not take up too much room in the world, to not be seen. As women, we are conditioned to make ourselves small, to not make waves, to defer. The Thin Ideal serves to enforce this notion, that our bodies must be small, tidy, pretty. They must not spill over or take up too much room.

So, let’s come together and talk about our experiences of claiming space. Where in our physical, emotional and spiritual lives do we feel more and less comfortable planting our flag of Sovereignty in the ground and saying ‘I am here!’.

Join me Sunday, January 20th at 2PM EST on Facebook Live.  Check out my Facebook Page here.

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