Anxiety Counselor In Greensboro, North Carolina


Anxiety for kids and teens can show up in ample ways. Your child may experience a difficult time focusing during tests due to nervousness or feeling overly worried. Other kids experience anxiety during situations that call for confrontation. Such as when having to stand up for themselves.

Does your child struggle with Anxiety?

I want you to think about your child and how their anxiety shows up.

  • Does your child have coping skills to support them with anxiety?
  • Does your child have an idea of why their experience anxiety and the common triggers that increase their anxiety?

Working with a counselor can provide your child with a safe and constructive space to gain strength when it comes to managing anxiety. Together we can work on reducing the fear and insecurity that often comes with an anxious mind. We can develop clinically effective coping skills to reduce anxiety symptoms both on a physical and emotional level.

Contact me today to start counseling focused on anxiety.

Before you leave, I want to share a supportive at-home exercise you can implement with your child.

Give Your Child An Anxiety Jar

An anxiety jar is used to give your child a place to put everything that makes them feel worried, nervous, and other symptoms that connect to anxiety.