What do you want to express?

There’s so much available for our consumption these days, isn’t there? Netflix, phone scrolling, self-help books, you name it. This isn’t inherently bad— we can learn from what we consume, it may help us relax, and so forth. Still, we need to monitor our use and tip the scales towards personal creation. If we spend too much time consuming, our energy is drained. We may begin to feel stuck, restless, and confused about our own message and voice.

Each one of us is unique. We have unique things to offer. It’s important that we share more of our uniqueness with the world; this contributes to a sense of purpose and meaning. It gives us energy. And it offers something that the world doesn’t have yet, because it’s coming from you (and there is only one of you).

Creation is limitless in its expression! It isn’t necessary for you to be an artist, a dancer, a writer. At least not in a way where you’re performing or showcasing. Creative energy can be found in experimenting with a new recipe, journaling about a tough day, coloring, even having an authentic conversation with someone. It’s about expressing yourself in a way that is new to you and new to the world.

Let yourself create more to improve your mood, deepen your connection with self, and positively contribute to your environment.