Feeling overwhelmed and sad? These feelings are common and one may feel powerlessness. I know I do. Learning to manage our own time and ourselves are the answers to eliminating overwhelm. Developing this habit takes lots of practice, do don’t be too hard on yourself. If you don’t get the laundry done by a certain time, then fine. Except endeavoring to structure our lives around self care habits like bathing, dressing, eating 3 meals and clean up can consume our time and reduce overwhelm. If you throw in time spent exercising and commuting then being overwhelmed by boredom can be eliminated! How does that sound?

Do you think you are alone in feeling alone and listless? You aren’t. Jobseekers and unemployed people are two groups of folks who often feel like they lack a purpose. Talking to someone can help. Writing down your schedule and sticking to it will elevate your sense of accomplishment. For more suggestions look here or call Crossroads Counseling.