Be aware of “the disturb” …

Also called “the pain,” it’s a psychological tactic used in advertising, sales, and the news media meant to prey on our millenia-wired evolutionary tendency to scan for the negative and for threats to our safety and belonging — quite literally meant to “disturb our peace.”

We can find it nearly everywhere we go. Drive down any highway with billboards and you’ll see it coming at you one after the other — You don’t have enough, you aren’t enough, you need this, you need protection from that, your identity might be stolen, you need this lawyer, you need a vacation (ok, that one may be true – but you decide) and so on.

Spend time with television, radio, and now social media, and hear all about the snow that is coming and your urgent need to stockpile milk and bread asap.

Notice the drug and retail stores telling us in August that it’s not enough to be where we are right now enjoying summer time and that we better get on the Halloween decorations, pronto – and maybe choose to ignore it.

Much like moving from the concerns of a 3rd world country to “first world problems,” our psyche is evolving, and we need to catch up.

We are so, so fortunate that we no longer have to be in a fight or flight (or freeze) dilemma 24/7 — and we can take steps to keep it that way, despite advertisers/sales/media’s best efforts to obstruct that evolution.

  1. Now we can be aware of the disturb, notice it more mindfully.
  2. So then we can decide what to let in, what to believe
  3. And taking it a step beyond that – we can train our brains to proactively scan for the positive. Since this doesn’t necessarily come naturally (yet), we develop this skill with practice.

For now though – one thing at a time is plenty.

I’m inviting you to decide on an amount of time you’re going to actively scan for the “pain” messages coming your way, trying to disturb your peace. 24 hours? One hour?

Just notice what you notice. Whatever it is – it’s plenty.

Peace, Tanya