…about how you feel about them.

How often do I hear

“Of course I know that my spouse loves me!”

“Oh, he/she knows how much I appreciate when they prepare dinner.”

The real truth is:

1. You can never hear “I love you” or “I appreciate you” enough!

2. Sometimes your partner has no idea how DEEPLY you love them or how DEEPLY their actions impressed upon you.

A husband at our practice is about to about embark on 2 years of commuting from between states. That will leave his wife with more responsibilities pertaining to their children. They both know that challenges lie ahead and how much they appreciate their family teamwork.

So when I asked the wife to share her underlying emotion about her husband being far away- her expressions of fear being alone without him came as a shock to him!

He knew that she would miss his help with the children, but didn’t really know how much she would miss him! Just him, for his own sake! He had always thought that she preferred spending time with her friends and family even more than him.

He just swallowed that feeling. Having her share the “obvious” proved to not be so obvious, after all.