Keeping a Dream Journal: Big and Little Dreams.

Everyone dreams but not everyone remembers their dreams. The ability to recall one’s dreams is related to the importance that one attributes to them. When a person goes into Jungian analysis their attention is directed inwards towards the life of the unconscious and that person will start to value and remember their dreams more. One of the techniques for remembering one’s dreams is to keep a dream journal on their nightstand and to record their dreams immediately upon waking up from sleep. It is important to record as much as one can remember before the vicissitudes of consciousness and daily life totally obliterate the memories of our voyage into the realm of the unconscious while the ego is submerged during sleep. The dream is composed of symbols which are the primitive, powerful and sometimes universal language of the subconscious. Little dreams emerge from our personal unconscious and are characterized by a personally symbolic language which must be analyzed from the perspective of personal experience. Big dreams are produced by the collective unconscious characterized by the universal symbolism of the archetypes. Little dreams are commonplace and easily forgotten. Big dreams are vividly numinous and often remembered for a lifetime.