When our team has gone on our social media pages and asked, What is the #1 thing that keeps you from:

~Getting started in business

~Getting help in problematic areas

~Utilizing new practices to find new solutions

The most cited answer was always Fear 😧.

Fear can come in many different costumes.

For Ex. The Stress Costume – You spin your wheels being productive but you can’t achieve what you truly desire… You have the option to start a business or go back to school but you’re afraid. You have 10 raises before you’re at your target income so you get a second job. Now you are worried that other areas are being neglected. You look at your business/ school applications but its too risky to jump out there.

Ex. The Angry Costume – Everything gets on your nerves. You find yourself feeling disappointed and annoyed at others around you regularly and you look forward to a specific change in order for everything to change… Are you putting off the change that is needed because of fear? Fear of being different? Fear of failure? Fear of speaking your truth? Whatever it is: whether changing your apartment or going on vacation … it lwill only satisfy your inner aggravation for so long and then its back to a shirt fuse. Just for example.

But, the good news is you can face your fears. You can choose from different explorable options in order to find what works for you!

For example:

* Find your tribe! There is a lie that the mind often plays called Solitude. In Solitude you play the narrator and the audience. When you find your tribe sometimes you have the worst situation and other times the next person has the worst situation and someone has a word of empowerment; but, when the time together is done ✔ 👌 😁 you no longer feel completely alone as if no one understands… and you might just find some additional resources in the process 😏

For example(b):

*Start at baby steps! You know how babies usually find something to gurd themselves with in order to accomplish their mission of learning how to get around…. Well, we believe that nature tries to teach us things visually as well as vocally. You have to be like a baby learning to get out of the playpen or the crib or trying to walk. Grab Something!!!! Continued……………..  🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃😀 If you are depressed then maybe start with your favorite genre of movie (unless its drama 😳🥺👀🤦🏾‍♀️) No sad stuff! Get a good comedy develop a favorite routine of shows that lift your spirits and give you the motivation to do the next step. Don’t give up! Babies don’t give up!!!!!! Forget what you were told those lil guys and girls have the tenacity of bulls and lions they are stealthily able to maneuver heights and balance then get away before your trained eye can spot them before you know it they are going to the commode alone, putting both arms in the shirt on their own and even graduating high school!

If you just make a choice to get started the options will flood you! Life success will rejuvenate you and your path will heal Holistically.

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Author: Jannet H., LCSW

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