Mr. Larry Krause was well known as a person who sought out the honor and respect for others. To him, everyone deserved to be treated with the “best.” After his tragic death, stories were told of how he treated each person with unsurpassed dignity.

One such story took place when Larry was 14 years old.

The men in his family decided to go on a fishing trip. The adults were going to have rods and the children would just tag along. Larry demanded that he be given a rod, as well. The adults chuckled at Larry’s request. What did little Larry know about fishing? Larry was persistent and his dad caved to his request.

On their way to the lake, they stopped off to pick up breakfast for themselves and worms for the fish. They lined up at the shore of the lake, tossed in their tackle and began fishing.


None of the men caught a fish except for… Larry! Larry reeled in 3 big fish. His uncle yelled from across the lake, “Hey, Larry! What’s goin’ on down there? How are you catching all that fish?!” Everyone’s ears perked up to hear Larry.

Larry yelled back, “What are you y’all feeding your fish?”

Puzzled, they all responded, “The bait that we just bought, of course!” Larry retorted, “That’s why! While you’ve been feeding them worms I’ve been feeding them my danish!”

Build your relationship’s foundation with this mentality. Whether you are dating, in a premarital stage, or married for 50+ years, keep the worms and feed each other the danish!

*In memory of Larry Krause