When I was younger I had a good example of how to be sad and depressed. I took on all the behaviors and thought processes and made them my own. It took years to realize I was the reason I was unhappy, luckliy it took less time to get happy back in my life than it took to lose it. Here is a personal list of the things I had to get rid I teach these to my clients and it works.1. Lose the news, particularly t.v. and social media. Unless you are diligent about only listening to the fun and happy news.

2. Negative engery sucking friends, this is particularly hard because most of us don’t want to be alone. Trusting that new healthier friends will come into our lives is a challenge. It is worth the risk to have a happy life in my opinion.

3. Lose your own bad attitude. Nothing gets in our way faster than being hyper critical of our selves and others. Criticism and judgment drive us deeper into saddness and depression.

4. Drop the sugery foods and diet drinks, start eating healthier and with moderation. It may seems hard to believe but food impacts mood. We manage stress better with a healthy diet of real food not processed and water.

5. Let go of your belief that you are just lazy and start moving again. We are not geared to be lazy we just get into bad habits, and luckliy we can get out of bad habits. Working out does not have to be painful, find ways to make it fun.

Which one of these five can you get rid of in the next thiry days to improve your life?

Greta Jaeger, Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life Coach (404) 259-1335