So Christmas is a big deal, right? Is the season to be jolly and kind, however you go into huge lines of people waiting to buy a piece of pizza, or the only set of Xmas blue balls that are left in the whole store, so you have to wait it out. Then somebody pushes you because they wanna cut in line, to what you don’t answer very nicely, because you’ve been waiting for an hour to pay for the coffee.

Then you have the car drivers…ayyyyyyy the car drivers, you have those that they think are so much smarter than you by going 20 cars ahead and cut in while you wait for the traffic light to get green and red, and green, and red again…and the car that came through the other line just made it through the light…

Or you go to the toy store and parents are fighting over the same toy for their children…perfect role models as it turns out.

You get home and since every member of the family has been through the same ordeal, everybody is in a bad mood, thus a pebble becomes the Kilimanjaro and you have parents yelling at children, couples fighting…sisters pointing fingers…

FUN: jolly, and Kind

Where is my yoga breathing when I need it!!!!!!!

So, I was thinking, since I am a hypnotherapist, do yoga, work out regularly, and have awesome friends and family, how do I deal with all this crazy jolly and kind?

What if I looked at everything like it was a funny movie? Look at things from above? Well, it worked for me. When driving, I imagine that I am flying over those cars and see the cringe on those people faces and think…no no…I am not gonna be one of them.

How to keep calm in an ocean of stress? Yes by meta-modeling… Imagine as if you are that calm drop of sanity and you will be. And doing in a way that can help you laugh.

Laughter is the cure of all ailments. There are some people that tell you, “imagine people naked.” That doesn’t work for me, but who knows.

The other thing you can do, is to repeat out loud… “I let go of ….a little bit, and a little bit more, and more, and more…” until you are calmer

This is the thing. We are in control of our thoughts. Nobody can hijack those, so there, you can think whatever you choose. Simple right, well maybe not so, it takes practice. Start right now.


What are the three things to do for Holiday craziness? There are more techniques, but these are quick and can do them any time, anywhere.

      1. Breath, that’s always first. If you can
      2. Imagine you are above everything and everybody and run it like a funny movie
      3. Repeat out loud that you are letting go. Repeat as many times as it takes, could be 5, could be 20.

Just a little touch of calm in an ocean of chaos. HAVE FUN!!!!