Difference between a Holistic Counsellor and a Counsellor


The word holistic means reaching a state of wellbeing within the mind, body and spirit.

In holistic counselling , clients get to experience transpersonal therapy. This is a form of therapy that goes beyond the mind.

Not only are psychological methodologies applied to help the client understand themselves better but spiritual methodologies may be applied too. Which could include meditation, psychic, energy work , prayers and ritual.

A holistic counsellor understands that there is more to what meets the eye and the focusing only on the mind (ego/stories/talking) can be limiting when it comes to healing .

A conventional counsellor oftentimes focuses on the mind and psychological processes to attain deeper understanding . The client is prompted to talk and share what they can. This process is called “Free Association” , it is based on the belief that if a client talks freely and openly eventually information from their deeper subconscious will be revealed. This is a TOP – BOTTOM approach .

Holistic Counsellors can work TOP – BOTTOM but they may also work BOTTOM- TOP . Which means they attain information from the client not just from their minds but their also bodies and spirit.

The body can hold memories and and trauma stored in the body can come across as tension and pain .

The reason why holistic counselling tends to be more effective than conventional counselling is because there is an awareness that by staying focused on the mind and stories the root problem may never be resolved.

The root problem is not a story rather it comes across as an emotion that is stuck in the body. This emotion has not been completely processed . For healing to occur traumatic emotions needs to be processed and the client needs to be supported in coming back to love.


Ironically one of the ways a person’s psyche defends itself from trauma is by becoming overly mentally stimulated. This prevents them from being truly present and therefore feeling the pain that is there.


Staying focused on the mind can feed into this outdated psychological defence mechanism which is meant to “protect” and prevent the person from getting into a similar situation that caused the trauma in the first place.

However it can keep a person stuck and fixated on fear.

From a holistic perspective for a person to be truly internally fulfilled and at peace they need to prioritise their spirituality and find their sense of purpose and belonging in the world .

Spirituality can help a person connect to a purpose that is greater than them, this can enrich their life and feed their soul .

The base of spirituality is love, as humans at the core of our pain is a lack of love.

Love is not meant to be conceptualised , it is meant to be felt.

Hence when a client undergoes processes that are “feeling” and “sensing” focused (psychosomatic) , they can shed the layers in a more tangible way and eventually heal their pain by bringing love and presence to it.

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