How To Create A Healthy Family System


How do you create a healthy family dynamic?

Healthy families have systems and practices that they utilize which directly create and sustain the family system.

If you are trying to create a healthy family system, I want to share with you a few areas that can be of support.


3 Ways To Create A Healthy Family System


1. Give each other validation

If you have a child and they share something with you that happened at school or with friends, please take time to give praise and validation. Show your child that you are present and fully invested.

You can do this by using eye contact, putting your phone down, smiling, and praising them.  then there are a few ways to provide validation. First, listen to your child intently.

Your child will feel heard, and their statements are validated.


2. Respect Personal Space

This is often a challenge for some parents.

Today, consider the culture in your family system. Think about personal space.

  • What does your child do or say when they need personal space?
  • What do you do or say when you need personal space?
  • How is personal space respected in the family system?
  • Think about your family system. Is personal space being respected?
  • How do you feel when someone respects your personal space?
  • How do you feel when someone actively respects your personal space?

I really want you to think about the last two questions above. The answer to the last two questions gives you insight into understanding the impact of respecting personal space.


3. Personal space is directly connected to boundaries.

As a family, create a writing activity with this topic. Ask your child to write on the following topic:

  • What personal space do you want to be respected?
  • How do you feel when I respect your personal space?
  • How do you feel when I do not respect your personal space?


After the writing activity, try to make it a goal to use the information learned to create a healthy positive culture in the family.

Common Reasons Kids Go To Therapy:

  • Separation anxiety.
  • Suicidal thoughts.
  • Anger outburst.
  • Struggling to express thoughts and feelings.
  • Excessive fearfulness.
  • Feeling worried more days than not.
  • A decline in academic performance.
  • Wetting the bed.
  • Struggling to make friends.


The Benefits Of Kids Therapy

  • Improve self-confidence.
  • Improve self-esteem.
  • Learn to deal with life challenges.
  • Learn positive habits.
  • Improve healthy thinking patterns.
  • Learn to communicate in a healthy and constructive manner.
  • Build self-worth and self-love.

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