Introduction: The formula for achieving a balanced life, according to the author, has nine different arenas. This article, written by a therapist with 25 years of experience and 15 years of experience in public health, brings those areas into combination with extensive technology experience and entrepreneurship.  This article will provide an overview of the formula with future blog posts focused on each of the nine arenas and more.

The nine arenas of the formula include:

  • Four Silent S’s – This is where all of our wellness issues start, and they are Lack of Sleep, Lack of Self Care, Increased Stress, and Increased Societal Stigma.
  • Getting more sleep and self-care is the starting point for healing.
  • MAD Focus Skills – Mindset, Automation, and Delegation, along with Productivity Hacks, like “Squirrel Wrangling™.”
  • Personal Magic Trick – Two or more of our own unique skills and talents combined, which traditionally wouldn’t be put together.

More tricks and tips for finding your personal unique life balance formula include: finding gifts in bad things (e.g. like COVID causing us to realize we need to spend more time in human connection and less time chasing money and “working”); recognizing healing energy vs. destroying energy; changing our internal representation of the world, aka perceptions of the world by using various techniques to reprogram our own brain; and automating our own behaviors along with our ‘automated’ interaction with devices.

Conclusion:  In conclusion, achieving a balanced life requires attention to multiple arenas, including sleep, self-care, stress management, and societal stigma. The article highlights the importance of developing MAD Focus Skills, personal magic tricks, and productivity hacks to enhance overall well-being. Moreover, the post provides useful tips on finding balance, such as identifying gifts in adverse situations, distinguishing between healing and destructive energy, reprogramming our perceptions of the world, and automating our behaviors. We hope that this article serves as a helpful guide for individuals seeking to improve their quality of life by achieving a better balance across their lives.