How to Have Sex in a House Full of People


Whether your family is quarantining together or you’re visiting relatives for the holidays, you might find yourself with extra company that somehow never seems to sleep or leave. Does this mean your sex life is doomed? Not necessarily if you follow these tips on how to have sex in a house full of people!


Establish Privacy Cues

Not only is it okay to want time alone or with a partner- It should be expected. Set the precedent for privacy with negotiated, agreed-upon cues, even when sex isn’t involved. For instance, make a closed bedroom door signify that you need some time to yourself.


Take Things Out of the Bedroom

Prolong foreplay by casually dropping hints until you have time alone. Have fun by exchanging flirty texts and pictures. Make up your own language with code words. From stolen glances to fondling under the table, the possibilities are endless. Get creative!


Deal with Sounds

Put on some music to soften the noise. Creaky bed? Try moving to the floor with some pillows. Better yet, take things to the laundry room while the machines are running. Bonus tip- Set yourself up for success by giving headphones as holiday gifts this year.


Keep Them Busy

If people are occupied they are less likely to care where you are or what you’re doing. Put on a favorite movie or bring out the boardgames. Ask if someone can take the dog for a walk. Are they making pies? Awesome! You’ll be upstairs.


Run an Errand Together

Just can’t take it anymore and desperately need some one on one? Offer to drop off mail or pick something up from the store. A car is very helpful in this case. I’m not going to tell you exactly what to do or where to end up. I trust that you can figure something out if you get this far.


Manage Expectations

You might not feel as comfortable or confident having sex in a house full of people. Perhaps your usual marathons are shortened to quickies during this period. Maybe you’re holding back on the vocals. But don’t give up! Stay creative and know that you will get through this time.


Remember, It’s Not the End of the World if People Know You Have Sex

Depite your best efforts to be discrete, it’s possible that someone will hear or see you having sex. I promise you are not the first person to have this experience. Whether it’s your child or grandmother, don’t freak out. Take it as an opportunity to have a frank conversation and model a healthy sex life.