Working with a counselor can give you a safe and constructive space to learn how to develop self-compassion. This is the practice of loving yourself.

  • Have you thought to yourself, how do I treat myself during the ups and downs of life?
  • How do I treat myself when things are going well?
  • How do I treat myself when life kicks me right in the rear end?


Life will without a doubt present people with beautiful moments and others that are more challenging. During both, we experience a series of cognitive thoughts. Simply put, we experience inner thoughts that can lead us in one of two directions.


Self-compassion is the complete opposite of self-criticism.

Self-compassion is not self-pleasure, it is not avoiding the issue or feeling, or putting the challenge at hand under the rug.

One of the key reasons that people struggle with the application of self-compassion is that they may feel that by not attacking themselves, they are getting away with whatever may have taken place.

Self-compassion is the mixture of two key ingredients, accountability, and self-love. The mixture creates goodwill, which provides you with the opportunity to learn and grow while giving yourself kindness.

Accountability simply means that when a situation takes place in life, you are willing to take a step back and identify how you were connected to the process versus blaming others. Self-love is the practice of showing yourself unconditional compassion, kindness, and nurture. This can come in verbal and non-verbal language.


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