Self-esteem describes how our psyche interprets the thoughts that we have about ourselves. If a person has positive thoughts, they will experience positive or healthy self-esteem. On the other hand, if individual has negative thoughts about who they think they are, they will experience poor or negative self-esteem.

There is more to self-esteem than just our thoughts. In particular, I am interested in the thoughts we develop or create about ourselves. There is no doubt that the thoughts or beliefs we have about ourselves play an influential role in determining the structure of the experience and emotions associated with self-esteem and how we feel about ourselves.

We tend to think of our self-esteem as something that is shaped by the events that take place in our lives, particularly those that have occurred in the past since they are the things that shape us.

Living in a state of low self-esteem can damage the quality of life you lead daily. Your self-esteem is YOUR opinion of yourself, but far too many people allow others to influence you or even make up their opinion for them.Take action by educating yourself and speaking to your family and friends, primary physician, or mental health provider to address your concerns.