Dr Judy Sedgeman will present a weekend retreat Oct 20 and 21 in Hartford. Judy recently left her post as Director of Public Policy at the University of S. Florida in order to spread knowledge of 3 Principles that lead people back to their Innate Mental Health, for mental health professionals and the general public. Judy has been a student and a teacher of these Principles through her time at West Virginia Medical Center where she conducted impressive research studies on a 3 day “Stress Cure” series. I am needing to make referrals to other therapists with an understanding of these 3 Principles, this is an excellent introductory course.

For a very reasonable fee that includes lunch on Sat., a wine and cheese social and introduction to the weekend on Fri night, and Sunday until 1:00 PM, in a retreat atmosphere where only your presence is required, you will garner insights from your own wisdom about how to access greater resiliency and higher states of mind for yourself and how to teach your clients the same. Please contact Lori Carpenos, LMFT 860-561-1919 for more information, or simply send in your registration fee of $160 to reserve your space:

Lori Carpenos
566 Prospect Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105